Apparently I am getting old.  It is odd because I do not feel old.  I actually feel better now then I did at this time last year.  Losing twenty pounds will do that for you I guess.  Yesterday I got news that hit me like a ton of bricks.  My best friend, the person outside of family that has been in my life the longest told me his younger brother had a massive heart attack.  That is not what hit me the hardest.  My friend, Elias, told me his brother was 36 years old.  In my mind’s eye his twin brothers were always little kids I guess.  How did he get to be 36?  Thirty Six is not old but it is old for my best friend to have younger brothers that are 36.  Does that make sense?

The good news is the younger brother is back at work and miraculously did no permanent damage to his heart.  My friend Elias has been having some health issues as well.  He is stubborn like me and does not go to doctors.  The reality is as I head straight for 40 years old I probably should go to a doctor.  But I feel fine.  I think my job keeps me in a young frame of mind.  I think my radio show keeps me in a young frame of mind.  I get to laugh and make people laugh for a living.  I don’t think you can feel old while you are laughing.  I think if you live a life with little humor you wind up feeling angrier about the world you live in and that has to age a person. 

Maybe the art of feeling young is nothing more then cheating the world of acceptance of its reality.  At some point your body’s physical reality will invade your state of mind.  At some point your joints will give out and your hearing will fail, etc.  But maybe if you lead a life of laughter you can delay the little signs of the inevitable.

Yet if you are constantly laughing people might consider you a fool.  Maybe the “fools” are right.  We always hear politicians say we need to have adult conversations.  They never have these adult conversations they just tell us we need to have them.  So they go on laughing and living the good life while you and I think about the adult conversation and get angry about it and fight with each other.  When I fight with friends about politics I feel old. 

This whole thing has been a bit rambling and all over the place.  Kind of like life.  Like life a blog also inevitably winds up in the same place no matter what you say or do.  That place is the end.  Hopefully along the journey you had a bit of fun and laughed along the way. The End.

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