A mother is suing a Michigan school district because her middle school aged sons were forbidden from wearing sweatshirts that sat “Let’s Go Brandon.” Let’s Go Brandon is a euphemism for Fuck Joe Biden.  The mother and her attorney allege this is a free speech issue. The school district maintains it is not a free speech issue but it does not allow vulgarity on students’ clothing.

I think this is one of those stories where there are no heroes. Is this really worth suing over? This is a particular shirt that will mean nothing in a few years. These students will no longer be attending this school. As for the school Let’s Go Brandon is not a curse. Either something is prophane or it is not prophane. Once you start going into the not obvious meanings of things we go down a lubed decline. In cooking class will students no longer be allowed to use eggplants because kids know an eggplant emoji means a penis?

I grew up in the eighties. During the eighties we had the most popular president perhaps ever.  Ronald Reagan. I don’t recall seeing people where Reagan clothing. We wore clothing for the LA Olympics. We were clothes to celebrate the Statue of Liberty. I don’t recall clothing for Reagan. This Let’s Go Brandon slogan is an extension of the love for Donald Trump by a minority of the country. It is a cult. There is nothing outrageous about Joe Biden that would merit such disdain on his own. He is a bland man who compared to the headline a minute machine that is Donald Trump is having a bland presidency. Let’s Go Brandon is not social discourse. It is not a lesson in civics. It is I don’t like this guy. The glee in which adults chant Let’s Go Brandon is to quote the last guy, Sad. Like they are fooling someone. Just say Fuck Joe Biden.  Now I understand why a child might like something like this because it feels like you are fooling the authorities. That is one of the joys of being a kid. Kind of like scratching an itch with your middle finger. What? This? No I just have an itch. Sure you do.

As for the mom…really? This is what you are teaching your kids protest is? A possibly vague shirt to wear to a school with children who are too young to vote. Will this be the extent of their discourse? Fuck that guy…I don’t like him. Those kids are going to be some real communicators. And a lawsuit? Isn’t that a bit much? Out of all the things that could upset you in a school this is the hill you want to invest in? Ok, it’s your right but unless the goal is to get on Fox News or News Max I don’t see the point.

As I said earlier, Let’s Go Brandon is not a curse. It is for people to feel naughty I guess. I think the students should be allowed to wear the shirt. Now if it starts to cause a problem then you could actually say it is a distraction in a learning environment. Now you could easily say any shirt can be a distraction. You are correct but it is a place of learning and we do have to draw the line somewhere. Personally, I don’t understand the attraction to wearing an old white guy pro or con to school. Now I may sound old but in my day we wanted to sport things that were cool like musicians, sports teams, designer brands, etc. The last thing we wanted was some old white guy on our chest. And no Donald Trump is not cool. Just look at him dance. Nothing cool there. Sorry you Maga maniacs. You can like him but he is not cool.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to put on my Cinderella shirt and my Roos sneakers and show just how cool I still am.

We will discuss this and more on Tuesday at 6:30 PM Est.

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