Man receives racist letter over Black Santa decoration — and neighbors have his back

Chris Kennedy’s Christmas display features a seven-foot Black Santa that stands tall in his yard along with a Christmas tree and a large shining sign that reads “Joy.”

Until now, he has received nothing but compliments since he first moved to his North Little Rock, Arkansas, neighborhood in 2017.

But just before Thanksgiving this year, he received in the mail an anonymous racist note condemning the decorations in his yard.

You should not try to deceive children into believing that I am a negro,” said the letter, which was signed ‘Santa Claus.’ “You being jealous of my race is no excuse for your dishonesty.”

Where is it written that Santa Claus must be white? Santa is universal and beloved around the world and what Santa brings goes beyond black or white, what he brings which is joy.

I should know as I play Santa Clause every year. In my regular clothes I am just a regular guy but when I put that suit on and spend time in people’s homes, I am Santa. The children don’t see color, they see a man who brings joy and love.

The man is not deceiving children he is showing his interpretation of who he believes Santa is to show inclusion.

This statement is from a typical coward racist who wants to be anonymous. They state, “You being jealous of his race”. This racist is assuming just because he is white, black people are jealous and are using that jealousy to make Santa Claus Black. This statement is so moronic it proves the stupidity of racism.

Mr. Kennedy is honest; this racist is the dishonest one because Santa shows no color just peace and love to everyone regardless of color.

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