Hi All,

Me and my radio crew have the privilege of working with one of top radio personalities in comedic talk radio.  On top of that he is one of the nicest and most generous people I have met.  (I hope I am not ruining his image).  He has been supportive of the Den since he first came on our show for an interview when we were at WTBQ and really has been a fountain of information.  His latest help was he gave us the contact info for the person in charge of programming at Sirius/XM and that person got back to us and is interested in hearing our demo.  The one drawback with our famous friend is his schedule is erratic as shit.  We think we have a show scheduled but then we don’t. I can’t really bitch too much but it is a shame when we have a great show ready to go only to find out a few hours before show time we can’t do it.  It is frustrating for the whole Den team as it is hard to build a fan base when you don’t know when you are on.  That being said, we really are quite lucky.

Speaking of the radio show, I have added pictures, audio, video, & itunes on the website from our show.  If you haven’t given us a listen or a watch you really should.  We just might make you laugh.  Or piss you off.  Or most likely both.  Last week we had actor Will Devokees in studio.  He was a great guest and fun to party with after the show.  If you get a chance, check out the trailer he did for Dare Devil.  He is trying to get cast and I think the trailer is awesome!

This week I am heading to Vegas…to drive about an hour outside of Sin City.  If you are in the area check me out at these fine locations.

Till next time…keep on laughing!


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