Hi Everybody,

I hope you are well.  Last week the stand up comedy / ventriloquist community lost a real treasure.  Sadly, Vince Dantona of Vince & George passed away in his sleep.  It is reported that the show he performed earlier in the night was one of his finest yet which is saying something when you had his track record.

Vince was one of those guys that is a dream to deal with.  Never complained, always friendly, always professional, and always gave his best effort.  Vince performed in many a Side Splitting Productions venue and was always a favorite of audiences and management alike. He was so beloved by his peers that his fellow Long Island comedians had a tribute to him on Monday night.  They watched the roast they did of him in 2003.  After the roast concluded the room was silent for 2 minutes.  If you have ever been in a room full of comedians then you know how rare this is.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Vince’s family and all those that loved him.  You will be missed sir and thank you for helping to build Side Splitting Productions into what it is today.


Davin Rosenblatt
President of Side Splitting Productions

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