I hope you are well.  I just got back from a vacation on a cruise and have been battling a cold ever since.  Well there is always a price to pay now isn’t there?  This was the first cruise I have been on where I have not had to work.  Cruises are cool I guess.  I do think they will soon need to make the cabins bigger because nowhere is America’s expanding waist line more evident then on a cruise ship.  Well maybe Walmart as well.  If you like to eat a lot of average food all day then you should cruise.  Or go to the Golden Corrale around 11:30 AM and make a day of it.  The funny thing about the cruise is the first day the gym onboard was packed.  Second day a little less.  By the end of the cruise all you could hear at the gym were tumble weeds whistling by and the occasional belch from somebody using the weight bench as a place to pause in between trips to the buffet.

I saw a little bit of the entertainment on the ship.  Kind of reminds me of Branson.  It is nice to see entertainers paid a nice wage but I do not know if I could do it regularly.  The comic was so milque toast.  I call him a memory lane comic.  “Remember this?  Remember that?”  Yes, yes I do. Now do you have some jokes to go with these memories?  No?  Ok, I’m going to catcha later, the buffet is calling me.  Now to be fair I do not know the restrictions put on the comedian or anybody else so I do not want to be too harsh.  I will say the audiences were very easy but that could just be delirium from over eating.

Would I go on a cruise again?  Probably.  Would I perform on a cruise again?  If the money was right.  Hey do you remember Milk Duds?  Yeah they would always get stuck in your teeth.  And Dud…what a good word to describe them.  They sure were a Dud when you got them for Halloween. (Just working on my cruise ship set).

We did our podcast this past week.  It was good to be back after a month off.  Pip Helix was under the weather so Joe, Anthony, & myself soldiered on.  It got pretty heated between Anthony and myself with all the political stuff and gun talk so it made for good radio.  The one thing we could all agree on was Pat Robertson is a douche.  He blamed the tornado victims for not praying enough and living in a place where tornados occur.  I am amazed people give this guy a forum.  It is not the fault of the people living there.  It is the homosexuals fault.  If you follow Pat Robertson it is always the homosexuals fault when something bad happens.  Dammit Pat, stick to the script!!!  It is a lot easier to hate the homosexuals then somebody who happens to live in Ohio.  Unless of course they are homosexuals.  Ohio homosexuals are the worst.

We also all agreed the Rush Limbaugh was just doing what he always does.  Saying offensive things.  It has made him millions of dollars, why is anybody shocked?  Why are his sponsors pulling out?  Rush delivered what you want him to deliver…must listen to radio that gets people talking.  He is not my cup of tea and I don’t listen to him but he was doing what he does.  The problem is many look at Rush as more then an entertainer.  They look at him as the head of the GOP.  Even many in the GOP look at him like this.  He is not.  He is a dummy.  He doesn’t understand basic biology or chemistry.  He has never been elected to represent you, me, or anybody.  He is a shock jock.  Like Stern & Opie & Anthony and many others.  He is going to push the envelope.  He is going to get in trouble.  He might even get fired but at the end of the day he will get rehired.  Why?  Because he makes people money.

Speaking of Opie & Anthony, turns out yours truly and Joe Currie got mentioned on the show on Wednesday.  Thank you Anthony.  Would have been nice if he didn’t make us sound like a bunch of left wingers, especially when Joe is a Repub but we appreciate the mention and I’ll be happy to discuss/argue with you anytime either on my show or yours.  

Our next show is scheduled for Thursday, March 22, 2012.  We have scheduled the creator and one of the actors and directors of Zombie Dick Heads to come by the Compound.  They are pushing a comic book but they also have some pretty funny video clips as well.  You can find out about them here.  http://zombiedickheads.blogspot.com/  We are also working on getting Wrestling icon Mick Foley and the rock band The New Velvet for future shows. 

Our press kit is complete but yours truly needs to get on the horn and contact agents and program directors.  We love the Compound but ultimately we are looking for more.

This Saturday I will be performing at the Fleetwood Fire Dept. in Fleetwood, PA.  Hit me up if you want info for tickets.

Till next time…keep on laughing!


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