I grew up at the time that the Jackson 5 was in their heyday. They had so many hits on the radio, and you couldn’t escape their catchy pop songs. I still love those songs whenever I hear them. They were happy, upbeat and the group danced while they performed them on TV. It was irresistable.

Similarly, when Michael grew up and started putting out his own music, his songs were so good and he was so charismatic.  He used to be really cute, and seemed sweet and genuine. Then, we started to hear about how his father was an abusive tyrant, and I felt so bad for their family. Who wouldn’t sympathize with that sweet kid?

My sympathies were torn when it turned out that Michael’s kindness to children was a cover for his molesting them. I don’t know exactly what ingredients go into creating a pedophile, but I do know that it’s the one crime that I find absolutely indefensible. Even if it happened to you, there is no excuse for perpetrating such disgusting acts on other children.

I believe that he repeatedly abused children blindly left in his care by star-struck parents.  I feel sorry for the little boy that he was, hurt by the adults in his life that he trusted. But I am furious at the adult he became, ruining the innocence of young boys. No one wins in this story.

I still sing along with the songs, but I feel a little guilty enjoying the art of such a twisted soul. I am very anxious to hear what our friend of the show Vincent has to tell us about his time working for Michael Jackson, and what his impression of the situation was.

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