Alabama became the second U.S. state to ban lab-grown meat, joining Florida, which earlier this month outlawed the alternative protein.  Gov. Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Bill, which the prohibits “the manufacture, sale, or distribution of food products made from cultured animal cells,” into law on May 7.

Lab grown meat uses technology that uses meat cells to produce meat meant for human consumption.  The reason for creating this is to fight climate change. Cattle requires a lot of land and water. In addition, cattle creates a lot of methane gas which contributes to global warming.

The argument against this technology is to protect the cattle industry and to fight global elites.

Real quick…global elites? There is a cabal that is using their influence and sway to prop up beaker meat? Out of all the things they could use this influence for it is to get me to eat meat that was grown in a lab? Why? Beuler. Beuler. Beuler. Yeah, I’m not buying that. That is what you say when you don’t have anything else to say and you want to scare the rubes. This is a rube free zone. Let’s move onto a more serious discussion.

I look at this as a possible solution to fighting climate change. Also, there are many places in the world where people do not have access to proteins like beef, pork, and chicken. Many places in the world do not have the natural resources to raise cattle.  This could be a big boon for America’s economy if we become a chief exporter of science made protein.  Maybe they will come up with a leaner beef protein that tastes as good. Maybe eating science meat will be as healthy as eating fish. Why is that a bad thing?

I am not sympathetic to protecting the cattle industry from science. Most of us are constantly dealing with the reality that science is creating ways to replace us or our industry. Do you dial zero to get an operator to connect your phone call? When was the last time you went to the VCR repairman? Business sure is slow at the wooden wagon wheel repair shop for stage coaches. This is what happens in society. You adapt or die.  Banning science made protein, as long as it is safe, is anti-capitalistic. It is picking winners and losers. It tamps down innovation. Innovation is one of the biggest selling points of capitalism.  The government picking winners and losers is Communism. Are Florida and Louisiana trending towards Communism?

Do I want to science made meat? Not yet. I know the FDA says it is safe but I don’t see the need to be one of the first online to try it. I’ll wait a bit to make sure this is safe and does not lead to some sort of cancer or horn growing from my head. Though to be fair, if I was the comic with a horn, I do think my price per show would increase. Let the free market determine if this catches on. Maybe this is good for pet food. Maybe this is good for feeding animals at the zoo.  If this uses less resources and we don’t have to slaughter animals why is this a bad thing?

I do believe the desire for traditional protein will continue for the foreseeable future. I also see a time when science meat is the preferred method of consuming protein if it tastes good and is healthy for existing mammals.

What’s that you say? You don’t like unnatural food. I understand completely. I would love to continue this discussion but it is Memorial Day Weekend and I have things to do but I do hear your concerns. I am so glad you will be eating natural foods like hotdogs and washing it down with soda this holiday weekend.   Just the way nature intended.

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