Jennifer Crumbley was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after her son, was found guilty of killing four classmates and injuring seven others in a school shooting. She was accused of being negligent for letting her son have a gun and ignoring the warning signs that he was mentally ill. Her son had asked for mental health help and had hallucinations but her mother and father denied getting their son the help he needed. Instead, they bought their son a gun.

Some are concerned this is an over reach. I say this is fantastic. Her son was a minor. She is responsible for his well-being. Her son Ethan, was struggling. All the signs were there. She had a duty to her son to help him and not try and ignore his struggles. Instead, they gave him a gun. Now she had a duty to not only him but the general public. When you allow a mentally ill person a gun it is not far fetched to think a tragedy is in the offing. Ethan could have very easily killed himself. He chose another route. Once Ethan was found guilty of murder the decision on whether Jennifer Crumbley had a hand in this was fairly obvious.

I hope this does set a precedent. Now I am not saying every parent should be responsible for every time their child murders their classmates. Sometimes kids get guns illegally. Sometimes kids are very good at hiring their pain and their struggles. This was not the case here. Ethan was asking for help. Ethan was struggling. Ethan’s parents decided not to get him help. They decided to give him a gun. They failed the public. They failed Ethan.

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