I use to be standup comedian.  That was the plan.  That was the career.  A little TV, a lot of touring, and a lot of making people laugh.  I still am a stand up comedian just with less touring, no television but still making people laugh.  Yet the past few months have been a bit different.

The radio show has taken up a lot of time and the show has shifted from just comedy to fighting cyber crime.  We still do plenty of comedy and even when we do the cyber crime stuff we still mix in comedy.  The cyber crime angle is what has changed things.

In the past few months I have had a lawyer with several multi billion dollar law suits ongoing try to bribe me, lose his mind on me, and threaten me.  I have also been interviewed and cited as an investigative reporter in a newspaper. Talked weekly to the Pentagon to try and help the military fight cyber crime and protect civilians and military personnel and their families.  Been called a cyber bully on the Army’s OPSEC page.  Broke a news story that should be getting much more coverage in the media.  Been threatened to be sued for revealing the truth.  Helped several scam victims.  Alerted several more people that they were talking to a scammer.  Figure out if somebody was a very smart cyber scammer or instead a victim of an elaborate scam.  Been called a scammer.  Been called a liar.  Been part of “secret” groups.  Infiltrated “secret” groups.  Exposed a very deranged and delusional cyber bully.  Had people lose their minds on me because they were the victims of cyber bullying.  Witnessed brazen cases of identity theft.  Had scammers lie about me.  (Shocking I know).  Started to look over my shoulder.  Never pick up the phone unless I know the number.  Become suspicious of unexpected packages.  Ahh paranoia nice to meet you.

Chased after radio meetings.  Been told I have an original idea.  Been told it will be impossible to get national sponsors for this idea.  Obtained international sponsors for this idea.  Managed to cultivate an audience that not only stretches across America but across the globe with different cultures and languages.  Not get radio meetings.  Told I am great.  Told the show is not great.  Have had talented people excited to work with me.  Had powerful people decide not to work with me.  Had promises of results not materialize. 

What the hell happened???  How did stand up comedy become the mundane part of my career?  I mean this last tour alone with Joe Currie we saw wandering cows and had people grunt and growl at us outside of a bathroom.  I had to tell the airline worker in La Guardia airport where the flight was going.  These are not normal things.  Yet for me these things don’t even phase me anymore. 

It is an odd life I lead.  No wonder I am hoping to coach my daughter’s softball team.  That is what normal people do.  Of course with my luck a cow will wander onto the field and some random parent will accuse me of slipping steroids into the girls chocolate milk.  Stanger things have happened…almost daily.  

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