NEW YORK (WABC) — Gov. Kathy Hochul says New York State is aiming for zero-emission vehicles by the year 2035.

She directed the state Department of Environmental Conservation to require all new passenger cars, pickup trucks and SUVs sold in New York State be zero-emission by 2035 on Thursday.

That means all new vehicles purchased in New York will need to be zero-emission models beginning in 2035. To reach that target, 35% will need to be zero-emission by 2026 and 68% by 2030.

All new school buses purchased will have to be zero-emission by 2027, with the entire fleet meeting these standards by 2035.

This is another fool hardy directive by a Green New Deal activist that has no clue of the ramifications this will cause.

The article states that to meet the target 35% of the vehicles have to be zero emission by 2026 which is four years away. The problem is that the electricity will be generated with the current sources we have and will increase the dependency on them.

Electricity in New York is generated as follows Hyrdo= 20% , natural gas = 50%, nuclear= 21.8%, solar= 5.3%, wind= 3.2%. On Long Island it’s all oil generated electricity.

In addition the Governor wants to eventually end natural gas which as stated is 50% of electrical production in the state and as a green new deal activist nuclear will eventually be eliminated at 21.8 %.

This eventually will be 71.8% of the sources that generate electrical power in New York eliminated. Are we going to rely on solar and wind?? That’s a total of 8.5% which will be a shortfall of 63.3 %.

Some will say we have thirteen more years before the full mandate comes to fruition and the technology will be there, think again. With the intermittency of solar and wind the prospect of it being a sustainable source of energy even in thirteen years is highly unlikely.

Liberals also think money is no object especially when it’s yours. The cost of an electric car ranges from twenty eight thousand to one hundred thousand dollars, then add a home charger.

A level 1 home charger will range from twelve hundred to two thousand dollars and runs on one hundred and ten volts will charge a car every hour with four to five miles of range an hour.

A level 2 charger which runs on two hundred and twenty volts can range up to five thousand dollars will charge a car twenty to thirty miles every hour.

So saying you are going in at the lowest possible cost you have the car at twenty eight thousand dollars and then a one hundred and ten volt home charging system at fifteen hundred dollars you are in at twenty nine thousand dollars not including tax and registration.

Yes the state will give you a rebate and that would be two thousand dollars which will bring your outlay to twenty seven thousand dollars for a car you can only go three hundred miles with before you have to wait to recharge it, if you can find a charging station, and hopefully there is not a line to get to a charger as well as roving blackouts as the grid has been overwhelmed which has happened in California.  

With the price of everything in New York so high now there is another expense you have to incur.     

People also don’t understand that the batteries in these cars are made of lithium which has to be mined. The mining eventually destroys the soil structure which depletes water resources leaving the land dry and exposes the ecosystems to the risk of extinction. Please note this is of concern as the most important resource in the years to come will be water.

Please don’t think I am written this saying nothing will replace the horse. I do believe the day will come when the internal combustion engine will be a thing of the past. But let the market dictate that and not the politicians.

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