The coach of a New York high school football program was suspended for one game for allegedly allowing his team to run up the score on a fellow undefeated opponent last week.

Plainedge High School coach Rob Shaver was suspended under Nassau County’s “lopsided scores policy,” the New York Post reported Thursday. His team defeated South Side High School 61-13 last Friday. Shaver decided to keep his best players in the game despite being up 35 points in the fourth quarter.

There is also a county policy that’s states if a team wins by more than 42 points, they have to explain why the final score was so lopsided.

If I was the coach, I would have written the following,

Dear the other team,

YOU SUCK, learn from you mistakes, take notes of them and how you will improve them on the next game and how to turn your failures into victories.

When you leave school, you will find out the world is a mean competitive place and no one will stop and write you why you lost a job, why they broke you heart, or why you went broke.

You learn from failure and without failure you will not learn to win.

Remember, no one owes you anything but yourself.


The Coach of the other team that just taught you a life lesson.

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