NJ political boss booted from Eagles game after displaying Israeli flag threatens lawsuit

The New Jersey Democratic power broker who was kicked out of a Philadelphia Eagles game after displaying a US-Israeli flag says he is considering legal action against the team.

Party leader George Norcross — a 67-year-old insurance executive and former co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer — was captured on video being accosted by security officers at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, where he was watching the Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Norcross, who hung the American-Israeli colors from his luxury suite, was led away after a skirmish with the officers.

Even though he felt he was making an important statement there is the rule that you can not display signs that do not pertain to the game.

This is not a freedom of speech issue as it is not in a public place but a place of business governed by the rules of that entity.

Norcross claimed that he has watched the Eagles/NFL make clear and strong statements on numerous important civil justice issues and ethnic and world conflicts, including supporting the people of Ukraine,” Norcross wrote.

I have looked into this and I have not seen any evidence.

In 2015 animal activist had stormed the field and were removed

In 2014 there was a “Die In” outside the stadium to protest a grand jury decision not to prosecute two white police officers. The incident was outside the stadium.  

Norcross claims the Eagles wanted to have the flag removed because it was obscene.

They took it down because it was against their policy.

You are talking Eagles fans!! The people that destroy the city when they win, the people that booed Santa Claus, the stadium that has a jail in it because they are animals.

You’re not going to hurt their feelings, but the rules are set in the stadium and because of the nature of this stadium they need to be up held.

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