A Maryland court ruled this week that parents cannot opt their children out of lessons featuring inclusive LGBTQ+ books on religious grounds, stating that families do not have a “fundamental right” to disrupt public education in the name of their faith.

The controversy in Maryland’s largest public school district erupted last fall, when the schools introduced over 20 inclusivity books for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, explained Becket Religious Liberty for All, the law firm representing the parents.

Initially, parents received notice when these books — including “Pride Puppy” and “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding” — would be in their child’s classroom.

Parents from multiple faith backgrounds — including Islam, Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity — opposed the policy change, and argued that the lessons that mentioned same-sex relationships, Pride parades and drag queens violated their religious teachings, Becket’s website said.

Senior Council for the parents said “Parents have a fundamental right to guide the upbringing of their children on complex and sensitive issues, including gender and sexuality.

Both parties are correct in this argument. The parents are correct that they should have a right to have to have their kids opt out if they feel its not appropriate for their child not be exposed to the topic being taught. How ever they should only be entitled to this right until the child gets to a certain age and in my opinion its twelve years old when they are in the sixth grade.

In a guide issued by planned parenthood at 13-18 Teens at this age may:

Express their desire to be more independent, look for ways to express their identity (i.e., clothing, behavior, etc.). Participate in risk taking and experimentation, Face decisions about sex and drugs.

Initiate sexual activity, become involved in a “serious” relationship, May “come out” if they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, regardless of sexual behavior or experience.

As I mentioned on our show when I was in sixth grade there was a special night at the school for the birds and the bees (look it was the 70’s) the girls went it to their side of the gym and coach spoke to all of us guys on our side. No parents objected.

At the sixth-grade level educating children on sex and their sexuality is a health issue and is the primary duty of the school to address this issue regardless of the objection of parents on religious or any other grounds.

I do feel that under that age teaching lessons in same-sex relationships, Pride parades and drag queens is agenda driven and that seven percent of the population should not be dictating to the other ninety three percent what is taught to preteens.

A great read in regards how schools have been radicalized is in the postscript section of the July 30th New York post by Kenny XU.

Mr. Xu details how Mark Zuckerburg wanted to fund underserved schools and he recruited Xan Tanner a well known social justice activist to assist him. But the real goal was to donate the money to the schools for access to information about the children. They donated over one hundred million dollars and the school districts essentially ran off with the money.

Mr. Tanner found another way to get to the children’s information. Go woke and pitch a strategy and convince schools they needed data, amongst other things on kids’ social emotional health.

Mr. Tanner’s company Panorama targeted the most liberal school districts and secured contracts by promising them they would gain insights from students.

Mandatory surveys were given to nine- and ten-year-olds who at that age don’t have the mental capacity to clearly comment on things and in one of these surveys were transgenderism.

Because Tanner positioned himself as a woke surveyor the liberal school boards rewarded him with more than 27 million dollars in payments between 2017 and 2020.

In the end the school activist gets their misguided ideology, the school districts get power over the parents, a Biden appointed judge gets to make a ruling, Mark Zuckerburg gets his information, and Mr. Tanner gets over 27 million dollars.

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