A new Texas law states that if a classroom has a book about “widely debated and currently controversial” topics they need to have a book with an opposing point of view. It came out that in Southlake Texas teachers were told that includes the Holocaust.

No. Just no. The only people debating the Holocaust are Holocaust deniers who are either anti-Semitic or racist. Everyone else knows the Holocaust was a real thing and what happened during the Holocaust. How do we know? Firsthand accounts, videos, photographs, trials, skeletons, etc. Need I go on? So if a teacher wants a book about the Holocaust they must also make room for literature by Holocaust deniers. Remember when school was a place to learn facts? I do. Sometimes people are just wrong and school is a fantastic place to tell them they are wrong and offer them the correct information. If we are not prepared to do that in school then let’s just fold up shop now and say everyone is equally right about everything.

Some people believe the Earth is flat. We know it is round but some people still debate it. If we are throwing out history why not throw out science? If we follow this logic there must be flat earth books in the class room.

I know four is greater than two but if enough people disagree and debate it we need to have math books with alternative math facts. I mean really who needs facts when we have opinions. And everyone has an opinion and apparently if enough people have the same wrong opinion that means it is a valid opinion.

We can’t teach that every opinion or thought is equal. It leads to mayhem and stupidity. Look no further than after countless lawsuits and recounts and still people that think Donald Trump won the election. No he did not. How do we know? Math. Biden got more votes in more of the right places to give him the victory. However, this Texas law would make it necessary to have books giving the narrative that Donald Trump won the election. Do we really need a book written by the My Pillow Guy in a school?

Sometimes it is ok to say no you are wrong. Sometimes it is ok not entertain every utterance that vomits out of somebody’s mouth. If you want to read nonsense and debate the undebatable we have the internet. School needs to be a place where facts are taught. Or maybe schools are just a creation by our cosmic overlords to keep us under their control so they can mine us for the irinium core that is in everyone’s soul. Yes that is the truth. Please debate it with me. In fact, I think I should write a book about it and go to Texas where students will have access. It all makes so much sense. I think it so it is true.

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