Dominion Voting Systems is suing Fox News for defaming the company by spreading the lie that their voting machines were switching votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell was all over right wing media spreading the lie. The cool thing about litigation is people have to testify under oath about what they really know and think. If they are caught lying there are serious ramifications.

Some of these people testifying under oath are Fox mega star Sean Hannity, along with top Fox executives. You know what they are saying under oath? That they knew all along the Stop the Steal movement was bullshit. They knew Biden beat Donald Trump fair and square. They knew the people had spoken and they wanted off the Trump train. That is not what they broadcast to their millions of viewers. Viewers who actually believe when they turn on Fox News they are watching news.

They are watching the brain child of a cynical foreigner, Rupert Murdoch, who has made a fortune pitting Americans against Americans. They are a big reason why we fight all the time with our families and neighbors. People trust Fox News. Remember their slogans? “Fair and Balanced.” “We report, you decide.” No, they are tipping the scales to make money and they don’t care what damage they do to our families, neighborhoods, and countries. If there was a real issue with Dominion Voting Systems I’d want them to report on it even though it would work against my personal political preference. We need real investigative reporting. We are not getting that. We are getting fraudulent bullshit that is tearing us apart.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be able to broadcast their nonsense. I’m saying they should not be able to call it news. In Canada they broadcast Fox News but it is not considered news. In Canada news has to be based on facts. We need to implement that standard here. We seem unwilling to do that for some reason that remains unclear to me.

We can’t expect Rupert Murdoch or Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson to do the right thing. Report on news and if they wish comment on news. No, the evidence is clear that if the news does not suit their needs they will make something up and call it news. We covered on the show that Fox News attorneys argued in court that only a fool would take what Tucker Carlson says on his show is fact.  The judge agreed. Sadly we have a lot of damn fools in this country. They are getting played to the detriment of themselves and every single one of us.

The only thing these people seem to understand is money. I hope Dominion gets every dime from Fox and the others like Fox. I hope other people sue Fox and the others like Fox. I hope the people that were hurt or killed on January 6 sue them. I hope the people that stormed the capitol sue them. I hope they get so tied up in litigation that they either go out of business or actually get into the business of real news and real investigative reporting and get out of the shit stirring for profit business.

I yearn for the days when we could have a difference of opinion but the companies that broadcast the news weren’t making money on our concerns and fears. It’s time the big news corporations fear what their lies will do to them. It’s time their executives lay awake at night and think about what their actions are causing. It’s time someone wipes that smug smile off of Hannity’s face because he is forced to realize the words he speaks have real consequences and he is liable for them.

They have testified. A jury will decide.

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