A couple of weeks ago Hamas ambushed and killed 1,400 Israelis and took over 200 more hostages. Like everything in the world, there are opinions of all sorts on the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. Humans being what they are feel the need to share that opinion. It’s what we do. It’s what I am about to do but perhaps not on the topic you think.

In June Fatima Mousa Mohammed spoke during her graduation from New York Law School and called the US & Israeli military murderers, called the US legal system racist, and attacked New York police. She got applause from her fellow graduates. Many others, including prominent politicians were outraged. She has not backed away from her comments which many feel are inflammatory and insulting. However, she has complained that people who do not agree with her are harassing her and it is taking away from her being able to study for the bar exam.

Last week comedian Sarah Silverman shared a post by user @elianaeatz to her Instagram Story that read: “Many are saying that it’s inhumane that Israel is cutting off water/electricity to Gaza. Israel made it pretty simple — ‘release the hostages and we will turn it back on.’”

“Instead of pleading with Hamas to release CIVILIAN hostages which include BABIES and TODDLERS there are politicians (cough cough AOC) calling Israel inhumane. If that isn’t enough for you: ISRAEL DOES NOT NEED TO SUPPLY GAZA WITH THESE RESOURCES (which they do, for FREE),” the post continued.

“If Hamas didn’t spend billions of dollars on terrorism they would be able to build the infrastructure to support themselves.”

She then faced criticism for the post. Silverman blamed her decision to share the post on a mistake she made while she was stoned.

Soon enough Mohammed will be entering the work force as an attorney. It is not far fetched to reason that some of her colleagues and even bosses in New York may have a different opinion than her. Some of them may be Jewish.  Silverman is up for the job as permanent Daily Show host on Comedy Central. It was rumored Hasan Minhaj was about to get the job but then he had a controversy of his own which included lying about things in comedy performances.

Putting the opinions these two ladies shared aside, let’s look at how they handled the ensuing controversy. Mohammed the aspiring attorney who is just starting her career at least owned her opinion. She said I believe these things and I stand by them. Kudos to her for at least not pulling the old Erkel move and sheepishly asking, Did I do that? However, she loses points for whining that people’s outrage at her comments is getting in the way of her studies. She is entitled to have any opinion she wants but once you make a point of sharing your opinion in a public way it is foolish to think others won’t give you their opinion. She knew what she was saying was going to be unpopular. She wanted to draw attention and she has. Now that the attention is intruding on her life at a time and a place she did not choose and she is complaining. I promise you, there were people attending that graduation that felt her opinion intruded upon their experience. They were there to support a loved one not hear someone spout their geo political views and attack the country where this was taking place and the people who keep everyone in attendance safe. You said it. Own it. Every last bit of it. If you can’t own it then don’t share it.

Now to Sarah Silverman…the weed defense. Really? You are blaming weed because you shared an Instagram story. You are a 52 year old woman and you refuse to take responsibility for your actions. A 52 year old woman that has been in the public eye for decades and is very established in her profession but she can’t own it. I am guessing the only reason she took it down was because she realized she might be blowing her chance at hosting the Daily Show. Comedy Central has already shown it is in no mood for a controversial comedian. Silverman is worse than Mohammed. Not because of her opinion but because of who she is and how she handled this. She shows no integrity or responsibility. Silverman refused to own it in anyway. She comes across as weak and pathetic. Her view is more popular in this country than Mohammed’s view. However, Silverman appeals to the far left and the far left is gaga over Gaza even though Hamas is extremely far right.

One of the two women at least had the lips to say I stand by what I said. Both of these women were unprepared for the ensuing firestorm. Everyone has an opinion. If you want to share it go for it but at least show you stand by what you say and own it. Otherwise, you are just a blowhard that is not worth the time it takes to listen to or read your attention seeking hot takes. I own every bit of the opinion I just shared.

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