A Jet Blue passenger was accused of “causing a disturbance” after mentioning to the flight attendant that their political pin was inappropriate. The flight attendant was wearing a lapel pin that said “Free Palestine” while working on the flight, and the passenger, Paul Faust, told the supervisor that he felt that wearing political statements on the flight was inappropriate. Allegedly he made his concerns known in a quiet and reasonable way, but he was accused of causing a disturbance, and his return flight was canceled.
I think that in the current very tense political climate, and the rising tide of anti-semitism, it would be prudent to refrain from wearing political statements while working in customer service positions. The flight crew’s job is to keep everyone safe on board the flight, and part of that duty is also controlling incidents of air rage.
People’s buttons can be pushed by the weirdest things, and deliberately wearing something that may prove to be inflammatory is not a good look. Yes, of course Americans have freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t repercussions for said speech.
What should not be done, is for the flight attendants to punish the customer for making them aware that this statement was particularly odious to him, as a Jewish person specifically. It was very petty and spiteful. Pretending that someone caused a ruckus when they didn’t will just make the situation harder to believe when they are having an issue.
For the record, I don’t think that the flight attendants should be wearing any pro-Israel paraphernalia,  either. Let’s try to keep things civil up there.
– Ironically written while waiting to board a flight- with no political statements on my person.

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