Principal Speaks Out After School District Brands His Anniversary Pic with Wife ‘Questionable’

A Texas high school principal is defending himself after he says he was told to remove an anniversary photo from Facebook following complaints from parents.

Colleyville Heritage High School’s new principal, Dr. James Whitfield, is now speaking out saying he wishes he could’ve taken more of a stand in 2019 after his photo first stirred up controversy within his community, according to NBC affiliate KXAS.

The professionally shot images, which were provided to PEOPLE by the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District (ISD), show Whitfield and his wife Kerrie kissing and intimately positioned on the beach.

When I was in school you only saw your teachers in school. You may have seen them at the supermarket which was really awkward because you thought that they were sent to a teacher warehouse at night.

With the exception of being a coach or at a school function You only saw your teachers during the day as educators and nothing more and there was a sense of decorum with that.    

With social media that sense of decorum has been diminished. In the case of Dr. Whitfield in good taste the photos should be removed as it is provocative and the students can see it.

Dr. Whitfield also stated that his position on teaching critical race theory had a hand in this. As much as I disagree on critical Race theory, I feel it has nothing to do with that issue but with the photos which does not show him in a professional manor.

I know many teachers that do not post at all on social media and if they do it is very little and non-political and in good taste.

I Actually have one of my teachers from high school Mr. T who we all love and who posts old photos from high School. He also reminds us or proper English (which never makes it into my blogs) and photos of his Wife and kids. All of this is totally acceptable.

Many occupations have a sense of responsibility such as Police, medical, and teachers and they need to be conscience of what they post especially in the politically correct environment we are all in.

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