The Republican National Committee said Thursday it was withdrawing from the Commission on Presidential Debates, alleging that the organization was biased in favor of Joe Biden and against Donald Trump during the 2020 campaign.

The RNC’s concerns include the timing of the 2024 presidential debates, changes to debate procedures without prior notification, the selection of debate moderators who allegedly represent a conflict of interest, and failing to maintain nonpartisanship among commission board members.

The  list of proposals for the debate commission to consider to restore “credibility” with the GOP. The RNC seeks to have one presidential debate held before early voting begins, enact a code of conduct for the commission’s members and staff, and establish  criteria for selecting debate moderators and a code of conduct for the moderator during the debate.

The Republican national committee has valid points that would that they have the right to be addressed. It seems that the media has had a bias against the Republican Party. An example of this would be the controversy of Hunter Biden’s lap top that was disclosed before the 2020 election. it was dismissed as false by every major news entity which is has now been disclosed as true and by the New York Times.

The key thing here is if the debate commission does not go with the recommendations presented by the Republican national committee is it their best interest to withdraw from the debates? I don’t think it is. Trump is still the dominate force in conservative politics, however he is still polarizing. The party cannot afford another issue that will cause controversy for a party that needs to steer themselves away from it.

  The key thing that the Republican Party needs to understand is that people voted personality over policy in 2020 and it cost the Republicans the election.  

With the continuous failure of Biden’s policies it is imperative that the Republicans do not drop out and address them and make policy an issue in the 2024 election.

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