A production company called Dudesy Features has come up with an AI written comedy special from the deceased George Carlin.  No, this isn’t some program of classic Carlin bits, or even never-before-seen material by George Carlin.  This is putting together a special by “George Carlin” written entirely by AI, on topics that have only come to pass since the comedy legend’s death.

Someone at Dudesy decided that since the world misses George Carlin and would love to have his take on topics of the day, that they would just INVENT what his takes would be, using AI technology. Apparently, the AI issues a disclaimer at the beginning of the program, stating that it did its best to imitate his style and the way he told jokes.

Carlin’s estate is pushing back against the production company, because, paraphrasing his daughter, they cannot replicate his mind or his years of crafting his material. I agree with the estate. This is an egregious misuse of AI, trying to put words into the mouths of deceased icons. Carlin was deservedly revered for his comedy laced with acerbic yet very truthful takes on humanity, politics, current events, etc. How DARE someone take it upon themselves to use this new toy to besmirch the man’s legacy and works by putting words in his mouth?

It’s completely different than when for example, a band creates a new music centered around the rough demo mix of a deceased band member, as the Beatles have done. They are still using the real words and music of the artist, not doing their best to imitate them. There are still many comedy specials and bits on the internet of the real Carlin to enjoy. Pass up the pale by comparison AI garbage.

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