Recap of Day 1 of the Davin’s Den Comedy Tour

Well it is 3 AM and I am awake.  Just like every morning except today I have a 9 hour drive to Bowling Green, OH in my immediate future so I am displeased. 

Joe gets to my house around 9 AM.  We load up the car and Joe loads in his garment bag.  I don’t know why a garment bag strikes me as faggy but it does.  Later on I would learn that contained in the garment bag was a bowling shirt straight out of the Charlie Sheen 2 1/2 Men Collection.  We can now add sad & lame to my impression of the garment bag and its contents.

We hit the road and listen to the last show we recorded.  Joe & I have never listened to our show together.  In fact, we rarely listen to the shows but it is good to go back and see what the audience is hearing.  The audio quality is subpar.  Sorry about that folks.  Audacity was having issues & I couldn’t fix it before the show so you get a tinny sound with Joe & Pip a little too low.  We like the content though.  Perhaps the first half was a little too inside but a nit wit got our attention so we played at his expense.  If you read my FB wall regularly you can probably figure out who it was.

We pull into a gas station to fill up and right after I start filling the tank they raise the price ten cents a gallon.  Finally my speeding starts to pay dividends.  Lunch at Denny’s.  Denny’s when average will do.  We are waiting on line behind some guys with straw hats and Joe comments that they are from the cast of Shanendoah.  I laugh but I don’t know what Shanendoah is but I figure if it is coming from Joe it is a show or movie from before I was born.

Back in the car and Joe will spend the next several hours between various states of awake and asleep.  I will invent my new favorite past time where I McClintonize every song.  It is like auto tune except every song is a deep growl.  Joe loves it.  I ruin my voice doing it but I must admit it based on my performance it would be cool if McClinton covered Lady Gaga.

We enter into Ohio and pass the town of Sandusky.  Joe notes that the Sandusky River is probably filled with cum.  That is so wrong but very funny.  I’d love to see Joe do that on stage.  He won’t.

We get to the gig and the turn out is very small.  Then it is non-existant.  Then it shows up a bit later.  Young college kids.  A good test for me since I have not done that type of show in awhile.  Not sure if Joe ever has.  I watch Joe’s set and he has added a lot of new stuff.  Even added stuff I saw him do on the podcast and radio.  And then Joe forgets what he is going to say mid joke.  So I yell at him it must be Tuesday.

I go up and bring high energy.  My voice is shot from McClintonizing everything and I am exhausted but failure or average is not an option.  I riff a lot and get through a lot of material.  Overall I am pleased with the set.  A couple of people take cards for the podcast which is very good.  We are out here to get new fans.

Small crowd means I get 1/3 pay cash and the rest will come in a check.  Not ideal but what are you going to do.

Back to the hotel and sleep.

It’s 3 AM and Joe is snoring and I am wide awake…

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