Remote learners at North Carolina high school excluded from prom, even if they were invited.

HELBY, N.C. – For many students, prom is a pivotal high school memory, but for Isabella Killough, plans to celebrate a final time among her friends were not permitted.

A senior at Burns High School in Lawndale, North Carolina, Killough was not allowed to attend prom on May 1 because she is a remote learner.

“I was very discouraged because after a crazy school year, it was something to look forward to,” Killough said. “When you realize you can’t participate in a normal thing, it’s really sad.”

Emails were sent to students saying remote learners would be excluded from extracurricular activities, yet none used the word “prom.”

Still, Greg Shull, director of communications for the Cleveland County school district, said the school has been transparent all along.

“That communication was well on the front side of the school year,” Shull said. “They decided if you are a remote learner and you wanted to be in any extracurricular activities, you have to be on campus.”

The Cleveland county School district is a prime example of administrators that work at these schools and have no common sense, or sense of the real world.

They don’t realize Kids are having a hard enough time being isolated and away from their friends. For the administrators of this school district to see the heart break the class of 2020 had to go through, and don’t have enough common sense to see that the class of 2021 should not have to go through the same thing is shameful and embarrassing.

They make the claim that the communication was well in front of the new year, don’t they realize how much has change has been made with the arrival of the vaccines since then.

As a parent I would beyond annoyed, they pay their taxes and their kids attended school remotely and have the same right as the kids that were at the school.

This can be avoided very simply, find a place large enough to handle all the kids that want to attend the prom, and all the kids would have to be vaccinated and depending on the circumstances would have to wear a mask to attend the prom.

Far-fetched?  No plenty of schools are doing this as they know one of the most cherished memories in high school is the prom.

Is this a lot of fuss and bother to go through these protocols to have the prom?

The prom is nothing but a fuss and bother, but it means a lot to the kids. And at the end of the day shouldn’t it be about the kids?

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