In N Out Burger is not allowing its workers to wear masks unless they have a note from a doctor in the name of customer service.  This sounds like a headline ripped from 2020 when we were in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. Yet this is 2023 and apparently this is still a topic of conversation.

I don’t understand how an employee wearing a mask effects customer service. Is it because you are not greeted with a toothy smile? Is Karen really giving negative Yelp reviews in 2023 over masks? Anyone who is pissed at mask wearers in 2023 so much so that they are complaining to a fast food restaurant is very special. And not in the way wear your Mommy told you that you are special.

I admit, when I see someone wearing a mask now I am a bit surprised. It seems we are past the worst of Covid though people are still getting sick from it. Still, it has never crossed my mind that I need to get an authority figure to work on this immediately. Another person wearing a mask does not affect me at all.  It really is not my business at all.

In regards to food service I would prefer every one wore a mask. Even if you do not believe a mask is effective in stopping Covid it is a great sneeze guard. It also prevents people from accidently or intentionally spitting in my food.

I remember in the middle of Covid the anti-maskers used personal freedom and liberty as a reason why they refused to wear masks. Are they now arguing it is a violation of their personal freedom by having to see someone wear a mask? It would seem that now that all the state mandates have expired it would solely be a choice of personal freedom to wear or not wear a mask.

Is this the culture war that In N Out Burger wants to wage. Three years after it no longer matters. It just seems like a foolish business choice garnering negative headlines. Are anti-maskers still fighting this war? I don’t hear anybody talk about it anymore. I don’t see a reason to bring it up anymore. It is also a rather crappy way to treat your employees for as far as I can tell no good reason.

I never ate at an In N Out Burger. Now if given the opportunity I would probably pass. I don’t need to support businesses that are crappy to employees for no discernible reason. Count me out on In N Out Burger.

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