Sandy You Bitch – Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

As someone who has lived on Long Island
all my life, we have been warned from all the doom saying officials about the big storm that will eventually hit and devastate us. The response that we have always responded with was “calm down Nana”.
These officials are now running around going told you so, told you so.
We got our asses handed to us, never have I’ve seen so much devastation. I was lucky I lost no trees or power, now before you start saying what are you complaining about I was with out power for eight days and had three thousand dollars worth of damage from Irene last year so eat me.

I know so many people that lost their houses and their cars from the flooding, one friend was fleeing his house down by the bay with his pregnant Wife and his dogs and thought he was done as the water was starting to come over the hood of his Jeep.

Now one of the fun parts of this whole epic event was trying to get fuel, you people that do not live on the Island could not comprehend what it was like to see a line of fifty cars in front of a gas station that is not even open in the hopes that they might be fuel.
People have compared the situation to the long gas lines of the seventies, but back then every station was open. The panic increased as the governor and other officials said that the fuel situation would get better when in fact it was getting worse.
Every day I would wake up at five o’clock in the morning and look for fuel and I would wait at that time either freezing my balls on a gas can line or waiting in my car for forty five minutes.
The situation was so bad I could not do the show that week, Davin told me that when I got to his place he would give me a gas can a fuel to get back home, but what he didn’t understand is I could not get the gas to get up to him.

One thing that pissed me off at the beginning of the storm are people that refused to evacuate their homes and had to have first responders go out during the middle of the storm and rescue them. If I was the governor I would institute a YOU STAY YOU DIE policy.

Oh did I mention the Nor’easter that we had three days later with eight inches of snow, it made all the devastation look Christmasy.

Another special mention is LIPA witch is the Long Island Power Authority, which should really stand for Lets Ignore People Again. Long Islanders pay the highest rates in the country all for the benefit of getting a power company that is mismanaged and for a second consecutive year has screwed us again
So what did I learn from the storm?? That sign language is the same in Spanish, Mayor Bloomberg is an asshole, Governor Christie is a Hero, LIPA sucks, and if the apocalypse comes I will be dead in four hours

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