Google announced it has developed AI technology that will scan phone calls and alert users if they are talking to a likely financial fraudster. Some are concerned about privacy violations of Google scanning active phone calls in real time. Others are concerned the phones could be hacked by third parties and used for devious purposes.

I like this technology. It is true I am not a fan of being monitored. In fact, my social media is very private for a public figure. However, I do see a use for this type of technology. Scammers are getting more and more innovative. We are long past the days of a fax from a Nigerian Prince. Scammers actually use AI now whether it is creating images or voices. It makes sense that AI would be used to fight back. The reality is, a large portion of the population is unaware of the many scams that are out there until they have been victimized. Then it is too late and they wish they would have known.

I have gotten several phone calls from my parents in recent months about concerns of scams they have encountered. One time they were even victims of a financial scam. Another time, their computer was taken over by scammers. I wish they had something looking out for them in real time that at least would have given them pause. Something that would make them slow down and not proceed. Very often we have a feeling something is amiss but we don’t trust our instinct and we go ahead with the thing that ultimately makes us fall victim.

I am very aware of scams and I am always on the look-out. I am unusual in that regard. If this feature had an opt in or opt out option, I would like that. I think another cool option would be putting in numbers that will not be scanned. For instance, perhaps you do not want your phone scanned when you are talking to your doctor, lawyer, or spouse. Allowing you to exclude those phone numbers gives the user more control of their privacy.


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