Yes, yes, if you ask Snopes the Omniscient, they will say that there is no proof that Former President Trump is crop-dusting the defendant table during his court trial. However, there is no proof that he’s not. After all, the time-honored tradition regarding public tooting is that “He Who Smelt It – Dealt It”, and he’s not talking. He’s talking about everything else, but on this sole matter, he is tight lipped. Unfortunately, however, not tight sphinctered. Allegedly.

The Napper in Chief is surprisingly not “Sleepy Joe” as some would have you believe, but the Court Drifter.  And, as some have purported, when he drifts off, it’s Trump’s Rump that is really relaxed. The Green Cloud of Shame can’t be seen in the courtroom sketches, but rumor has it that his lawyers have been whispering, “THIS would be a good place for a ‘Stick-Up’. “ The legal team working for Trump has been working so hard on a nasal defense, it would hardly be possible to launch as strong a legal defense at the same time.

Now sure, his legal team isn’t talking to the press about this, because it’s sort of like Fight Club.  However, the fumes must’ve knocked some of their normal legal inhibitions loose, because it is rumored that they have been spreading the word of Tootapalooza to others.  Michael Cohen in particular has been delighting in spread the Foul Word. With the constant stream of burgers, fried chicken and Diet Cokes going into that vessel, it’s not really out of the realm of believability that some super noxious and toxic  materials are building up pressure and crying for release.  Once the bubble burst, the worst that the Clown and Colonel have to offer must be bursting forth with the force of the Big Bang.

We all know that the judge on the case has issued a gag order for the defendant, which he has not been able to comply with – but the people around him sure have been gagging. Putrid blasts have been raining down from on high – err, raining up from down low perhaps?

Now, is it possible that these rumors have been designed and spread to embarrass T-Rump?

I chose to think that Snopes is being ultra-conservative about this rumor, because my Magic 8-Ball says All Signs Point to YES. I just hope that the courtroom chairs are fumigated after this is over.

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