My long time band Rotgut played last night, we played all cover tunes and no originals. Gone are the days of the full show and everybody in our out fits (except for me because I cannot play live in this band if I’m not in a dress). We were not the headliners and we did not have the luxury of the gig being plugged on a prime time radio show for a month, and nobody in the audience really knew who we were.
This was our fourth gig in five years since the band reconvened after a ten year break.
We always enjoy playing but we all had a great time playing this gig as there was no stress and you could feel the vibe on stage that we just had a blast just cranking out tunes and having fun.
Just enjoy what you are doing and have fun. As Viv the keyboard player in Spinal Tap would say “ have a good time all the time”.
Later that night over beers at the compound Anthony Cumia and I were talking and commenting how we are still doing the same stuff we did at eighteen. Obviously one of us has been more successful at it and it aint me, but the bottom line is what I said at the top, it’s about the fun ,and how you love what you’re doing and what you feel your meant to be doing. Earlier in the day I was in the studio with my other band Fragile Sky laying down the beginning tracks to our new project and it is just so cool to spending the day making music with these two amazing bands.
Davin, our friend Chip and I are writing a series based on my life, we embellish a lot of it as it is a dramatic Comedy or Dramedy. In the show I’m essentially playing in a band, a standup comic, and do a radio show. My character on the show wants to make it at any cost. As I review the script I am driven but I am not as frustrated as the character in the show because at this point of the game I realize things may not happen in my career as a comic or musician but the thing is I’m enjoying the ride.
 Have I sacrificed things for this business? Yes since I was sixteen every decision I have made is how it would affect the band or comedy. But as Anthony and I discussed, we stuck to our guns and as two gentlemen in their fifties we are still doing what we love while people of our age have given up on their dreams and go to work, come home, watch TV and go to bed.
Even though I still have to go to the day program, at five my day does not end I’m out almost every night at a band rehearsal, at the radio show, gig, or writing meeting and I would not trade it for the world. As I say it’s a life style and there is no other place I want to be on weekend than a comedy or rock club.
So do what you love and don’t stop if it feeds your heart and soul. And maybe at the next  Rotgut show maybe I will give myself a break and not wear a dress, sorry no can do.

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