No Pizza for Karen August 4, 2020 Pt 2

Congressman Pence has racist items for sale in a mall he owns, Congressman Moulton says some in the North East think the South is getting what it deserves in regards to Covid 19, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will happen, Dominos tries a pizza promotion for Karen, Scam Busters (Covid 19 Scams), Pip Helix Curmudgeonly Philosophy (Don’t…

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I was lying in bed the other evening, and listening to the quiet of the neighborhood being assaulted by the distant roar of a motorcycle.  I couldn’t help but wonder how loud that must be to the people nearby wherever he was zooming past.  BLaaaaaAAAAUM, BLUM BLUM BLUM BLUM BLUM.  Oh, good for you, motorcycle…

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