No Pizza for Karen August 4, 2020 Pt 2

Congressman Pence has racist items for sale in a mall he owns, Congressman Moulton says some in the North East think the South is getting what it deserves in regards to Covid 19, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will happen, Dominos tries a pizza promotion for Karen, Scam Busters (Covid 19 Scams), Pip Helix Curmudgeonly Philosophy (Don’t…

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Kiko Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge added a $2.19 “Covid 19 surcharge” to a customer’s bill  and the Sashimi hit the fan. A customer posted a picture of the receipt on social media and now people are harassing the restaurant and the staff. The owner of the Missouri restaurant said the surcharge is due to…

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It seems Covid 19 has dominated everything since it took over. Every aspect of life. It has certainly dominated our radio show. This Tuesday it will certainly be discussed again but this time with a twist. Prostitution! Now that I have your attention allow me to explain. Prostitution is illegal. You don’t file your taxes…

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