Well it is June and the Fat Horse Challenge has been well under way since January and I am down just about twenty pounds.

I feel good my old clothes are starting to fit again and I am well on my way to getting down to my goal of 200 pounds.

This whole process though is nerve racking, let’s start with the scales, there are three scales used in the contest, My bathroom scale which is the master weight I go by, the scale in my office which I use because I don’t trust the one in the bathroom, and the one we use on the show. There is a difference of between three and ten pounds between scales and I am aware of all of them.

This past Saturday both scales at home showed I was down three pounds I was thrilled all I had to do was maintain my weight till Tuesday and I was good. Tuesday morning I weighed myself, and both scales at home showed that I gained two to three pounds back.


I did not eat anything the whole day convinced that my first meal would be wasabi, when it was time to be weighed in I almost fainted I was right on the money.

The key part of the goals of my success is not only dieting but the gym. I go on the incline rower for thirty minutes to an hour wearing a tee shirt, a sweat shirt, and a big hoody sweat shirt over that. I look like Travon getting ready for a marathon. People look at me like a mental patient, but it works. As a matter of fact, I am starting to see a lot more people dressing the same way so maybe I am starting a trend.

I have found that we have a lot of fans of the contest, one of them is my buddy Field Marshall Ed Lewis of the great new band Static Silence. The guys in the band are playing the Fat Hose Challenge as well with their own disgusting punishments. We will have Ed and the guys check in with us on future shows and the band and the Den will both check our progress.

So twenty more pounds to go and a lot of gross punishments ahead as well and as I say every week will I taste victory or disgust.

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