The conclusion of the Fat Horse Challenge – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

As some of you may know the Fat Horse Challenge ended back on the August 27th show. What happened you say?

Well the basis of the challenge was if I did not lose two pounds a week I would have to eat something disgusting as punishment.

Since the inception of the challenge, I have eaten Snails, Dog food, Cat Food you name it most of these punishment foods are on if you want to look.

Eating all this crap even though a horrendous experience was doable as there were no time limits on how quickly I had to eat the punishment food. I could take my time and eat what ever it was and most of the time it was quick as I was eating things I really didn’t want to savor.

That all ended on the August 13th show when I had to eat half a block of Velveeta cheese. I knew I might have to eat the cheese as I could not get to the gym that week and sure enough I only lost a pound and the sentence was half a block of cheese. To me this was not a big deal as it is cheese  something  made for human consumption (I think) and I can eat it through out the show and it’s all good. 


A good friend and loyal listener of the show Trucker Tom Fey suggested that there should be a time limit on how long it should take me to eat the cheese. Davin loved the idea, me not so much (Tom you are a great guy but I hope you jack knife stupid) I now had to eat a half block of Velveeta cheese IN FOUR FUCKING MINUTES.

Okay game on bitches, I started to eat the cheese and discovered Velveeta is one of the most disgusting things I have ever had to eat, sorry Kraft foods but you have some set of balls even saying that this stuff is cheese or even food for that matter.

I was doing okay but by minute two I was starting to gag and was about throw up, but I would never give my co-hosts,or that eighteen wheel pushing dumb bell in the chat room the satisfaction.

If I did not finish in time my punishment would be a shot of fish juice, which disgusting as it is I could do and I could take my time with the Velveeta and not get sick.

The remainder of the show I chimed in as usual but did not move a muscle as the Velveeta was sitting in my stomach like an abandoned Buick. I did not get sick and I went on to live another day.

We then had a two week break and I had to lose four pounds. The day of the show I only lost two of the four pounds. My punishment was to eat two raw onions, not a big deal, however Davin had established a time limit of four minutes for the two onions. I cannot eat two raw onions in four minutes but I tried.

I finished the first onion in three minutes and Davin announced I have another minute to eat the other onion or I have to eat two more.

At this moment I started to do some soul searching, I am not a quitter but I started to think “what am I doing”, I lost twenty pounds, I feel and look good and I have been losing weight each week so why am I killing myself.

At that moment I said I am done I can’t do this anymore I conceded and the Fat Horse challenge was officially over.

Now to some and to the delight of Davin and Trucker Tom this was a sign of defeat but not to me. This year has been a year of challenge, change, and setting the bar higher for myself, when the Fat Horse Challenge ended that night I was at two hundred and fourteen pounds on my scale at home. 

My goal is to be at two hundred pounds even by December thirty first of this year. If I can do this, it is a monumental personal victory for me and conceding the Fat Horse Challenge was a minor foot note in this journey and a major factor in getting completing it.

If I do not get to my goal weight, then that night in August will be a major disappointment and I have failed myself.

In any event, Game on wish me well and see you in December.


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