The Davin’s Den Crew Abuses the Lake Superior State University 2014 Banished Words One Last Time

Twas the night before Obamacare
The healthpocalypse was lurking
But all through the Twittersphere,
Were selfies of Miley twerking
That’s morally bankrupt, some of you might say
But Mr. Moms everywhere would like to T-bone her one day
She hashtagged her fan base
Much to their glee
Her tongue is on steroids
With no adversity
We’re intellectually bankrupt
As a species we’re done
We’re twerking as Rome burns
I don’t like Obama care / I really don’t think it’s fair / The government lies and is corrupt/ disagree your intellectually and morally bankrupt / I’ll make a hashtag for me / For the Twitterspherto see / It’s called a bullshit on steroids nightmare.
I whish we all got Rom / A lot of men now are Mr.Mom / Obama would be better off Twerking / or take a Selfie of him jerking / Because we have all been T-bonedand bamboozagedond by this morom
I stare at myself in the mirror
The fans are calling but I can’t hear ya
So I grab my cam and take a selfie
I tuck my junk cause I ain’t head healthy
Then I shake my rump and start twerking
My pickle is a dill, not a gherkin
Is fake D straight or is he queer?
I say neither bitch I’m the twittersphere
I come to your hood and it’s a crazapocalypse
My star is brighter than lights in a megalopolis
My rhymes are tighter than a virgin’s vag
Go fuck yourself is my hashtag
Don’t step to me or I’ll T-Bone your ass
You’ll be so fucked up you’ll need the medicinal grass
You cry stop fake D you are so morally bankrupt
I say, Yeah but I’ll top your ass like I’m Pizza hut.
Fucker better realize I’m a playa on steroids
Your shit is outdated like the  Dominoes Noid
I go so hard for my fan base
Unzip my fly and have a taste
My rhymes are so ill they need Obamacare
My moves are smoother than legs with naire.
Now you wonder what you are getting.
Nothing more than Davin’s Den Ageddon
2014 Year of the Den

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