The Fat Horse Challenge – Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

If you have read my last blog it was all about being in a different place in my life at the end of this year. One part of this is to have my weight down to two hundred pounds from where I am currently at two hundred and thirty.
I have always had a battle with my weight, back in 2003 I was two hundred and sixty pounds and went on Weight Watchers and got down to one hundred ninety five.
Slowly over the years I gained forty of it back and lost ten of it so far. But my motivation is the Internet, never before can you see so many pictures of yourself and I look horrible in all of them. Take a look at my head shot on the Davin’s Den page I look like a fat Turtle coming out of his fat shell. The plain fact is I am a big fat horse.
My deal is motivation, now I have been in the biggest loser contests at work where everybody pools their money and the person that takes off the most weight in a certain amount time wins the money. I won once, but not enough motivation to keep going to take off more weight.
Weight watchers does work and they weigh you every week, but if you gain weight there is a little frustration and they encourage you to stay on plan and not to worry. I need more, I need to be punished and mocked if I gain weight and it dawned on me that stupid Davin is just the prick to do it.
So the Fat Horse Challenge was born.
The deal is I want to be down to two hundred pounds by April first. Davin, “because he is the brains of the operation” got a calculator and figured that I would need to lose at least two pounds a week to pull this off. Okay what if I fail to do this????
If I fail to lose the two pounds I will have to eat or drink some thing disgusting, as of this writing it is currently shots of soy sauce. Face book has been very helpful as well with suggestions. All of my detractors, Joe Buck, Dennis.F, and Mikey.K have been all chiming in with horrible things for me to eat or drink with Davin right in the middle moderating them assuring that all their horrible suggestions will be considered and used.
Now after drinking Gefilte fish juice from a previous show bit and getting violently sick from it the next day, which also ruined an Iron Maiden concert for me, I now have the motivation for going to the gym and not eating crap so I don’t have to endure the wrath of some horrible punishment that Davin, Pip or the Dumbbells on Facebook have dreamed up.
So Join us live every Tuesday for the Fat Horse Challenge where I try to go from a fat horse to a trim Stallion, I will be posting me weight and if I gained or lost on our Facebook page as well as mine.
Well I have to get going and hit the Gym.
Wish me luck

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