THE GREEN NEW DEAL- A BIG BAD DEAL – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

One of Trumps campaign promises is that he is going to work on intrusive and job killing over regulation from the Obama administration and for the most part it has worked creating job creation and one of the factors of the economy is doing so well.

Alexandria  Ocasio Cortez has released the Green new deal resolution.

The new Green deal will be one of the most government intrusive programs and will be the leading factor to a socialistic society.

They are using the global warming issue as the rallying cry by claiming it will conquer global warming by eliminating fossil fuels in ten years. It is nothing more than a utopian socialist dream of federally guaranteed jobs requiring trillions of our tax dollars and massive government intervention.

One of these proposals is a carbon footprint based tax at around $20 to $60 per ton and this tax is to drive an economic incentive to bring alternative fuels to the market.

It is consumer demand and not a government imposed tax to being an incentive to alternative fuels or any product for that matter. 
A similar tax has been in France and has done nothing except spark rioting for over three months.

It is interesting they are doing this under the guise of global warming which are the first two pages of the proposal.

 It has been a big issue since the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued that Global Warming is our biggest threat, and we have twelve years to save ourselves from it. Never mind that a lot of these scientists are funded by the government and don’t want to lose their grant money or that the father of global warming studies said he no longer believes in it.

Some of the measures of this plan are to create millions of good High Wage Jobs and to provide prosperity and economic security for all people in the country. One of the ways they want to do this is to collaborate with the labor unions. Labor unions had their place in the beginning of the last Century. But they got greedy, killed the auto industry, and are one of the factors for companies moving overseas.

Let’s take a look at when the government creates jobs and does it through the unions. In New York it now costs seventeen dollars to cross the Verrazano and George Washington Bridges, with the other crossings costing between eight fifty to six fifty each.
 Each of these bridges a day make over a million dollars each, each bridge!
The MTA claims they are broke and are now proposing a toll hike claiming it is due to upgrades to the infrastructure, but what about the millions upon millions of dollars that you collect each year? They go to legacy costs negotiated by the unions for pensions and salaries and that’s way it costs so much to cross these bridges. And when you have the government and the unions work together the price to the end user is too high for a service that is substandard.  
It is interesting that Cortez and her ilk want High paying good jobs but at the same time want to stop Amazon from moving to Queens which would create Thousands of high paying jobs for the area. Why do they want to do this? Because of tax breaks to Amazon. Typical “tax but don’t give back liberal progressive”.

 Did she think of the tax revenue that all these new jobs would bring in? Did she think of the new businesses that would be created to support Amazon in the area.

Let’s look at the other facets of the Green New Deal and see how the government has been doing with similar programs.

The deal proposes- Affordable, safe, and adequate housing-

Let’s look at NYCHA which is the New York City Housing Authority. They provide affordable rents to millions of people in the city. It was created as a great social program to help the poor. The reality is these buildings are crime ridden, and these people are living in nothing less than squalor. The apartments have lead paint and have had problems with heat and hot water. Because it is government run, it is a bureaucratic boondoggle with the government officials pointing fingers at each other with nothing much being done.

The deal also proposes High Quality health care-

Let’s look at Obama care which a grand majority of the people do not like, and was a program that was forced on the American people with a tax to boot if you do not participate.
Is it high quality health care?? Depends if your Doctor is on the plan and quite a few are not. Do we need to do something about health care? Yes but not with the Government running it, just look at Medicare.

In addition they want to mandate that all existing buildings achieve maximum energy and water efficiency. Do you know how much money that will cost a company? The money that a company could spend on expansion, increased wages, and research will now have to be spent on a government imposed program. This will affect companies’ bottom line, will effect pricing, likely cause inflation, or may close businesses entirely which will cause a raise in the unemployment rate.
Working with the farmers and ranchers to remove pollution and greenhouse gases-
 The family farm is dying as it is tough to survive and adding another government mandated program will be another burden and will sure kill off these farmers which are fighting everyday to survive.

Ensuring a commercial environment where every business person is free from unfair competition by domestic and international monopolies-

I hope they know legislation has been in effect since the last century to combat unfair business practices.

In regards to dealing with international monopolies, these are the same people that are criticizing Trump over the Tariffs, and taking a stand on trade with china, and reworking NAFTA.

The Green deal is compared to Roosevelt’s new deal but where did that money come from back then? In 1929 when the depression hit the top tax rate was twenty four percent on top incomes. By 1932 it went to sixty three percent.

 Several key things happened due to this, the depression lasted longer as a lot of these people in this higher tax bracket that owned businesses did not want to hire or expand at that tax rate. In addition they moved a lot of their money to tax shelters which gave Roosevelt no choice but to create excise taxes on the middleclass and the poor from everything new cars to Coca Cola.
You cannot continually tax the rich in a tax and spend environment. With the rich taking tax shelters  that percentage of taxes to take will now dwindle. We are seeing it now in New York as tax revenues have fallen but the deficit has not.

The new green deal would be a socialistic failure and will lead the country into a depression. Why am I so skeptical, let’s take Venezuela which was the richest Latin American country and then went to the poorest thanks to socialistic programs.

For these reasons they are now fighting to end socialism and we here in the states should be fighting to stop it as well.

History has shown that Socialism leads to poverty, A society dictated by the Government through overreach and taxes will end the work ethic of people that have the drive and desire to succeed, a work ethic that has made this country great for over two centuries. 

And as they say, people that don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
God Bless America.

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