The Inner Child Awakens – By Davin Rosenblatt

The wait for the new Star Wars, the Force Awakens is finally over.  Usually when a movie comes out that I want to see I wait until I have a free moment to get a baby sitter and go with the wife.  More often than not I just wait for it to come on tv and watch it then.  Star Wars is different.  I had planned on going with the wife this weekend or the beginning of next week but then I heard it was getting great reviews.  I also did not want it to be spoiled so it would mean I had to swear off Twitter & Facebook and probably not watch tv.  I could read but nah.  For the first time maybe ever, I went to a movie by myself.  I went to a 10 AM movie.  You know it is a big movie if they are showing at 10.  I and a couple of other men approximately my age hurried in slightly after 10.  I am not going to lie.  It felt kind of dirty.  It felt like I was sneaking into one of those adult movie theaters that they use to have.
In the theater were all sorts of people including Dads with their kids.  They must have played hooky.  I support that decision.  Parent kid bonding time is as important as anything you will ever learn in school.  I actually felt a little dirty seeing the movie alone.  My wife wants to see the movie and I told her about my plan and that I will still see it with her.  My daughter, alas, I do not think has much interest.  I tried again with her last night with Episode IV, a New Hope.  We watched a bit.  She told my wife who was out last night.  She really enjoyed the popcorn.  She saw Han Solo a said that’s the man who pilots the tiny ship.  We have a little drone Millennium Falcon that we fly together.  I am pretty sure she watches Star Wars to humor me at this point.  It is not her thing.  Her thing is Harry Potter.  She loves the books.  Loves the movies. Has costumes.  Wants to cast spells.  It is her thing.  She shares that with my wife.  That is their thing.  I gave the movies a try years ago for my wife.  They make excellent movies to sleep through.  My wife and daughter read the stories together and watch the movies together. I am always anyplace else. No interest.
It would be nice if I could share the magic that is Star Wars with her.  I remember my Mom taking me to the movies to see the originals.  She bought me all of the toys.  I had Star Wars shirts and Star Wars watches and Star Wars games.  I had it all.  I loved it all.  A lot of you love it all.  My daughter does not love any of it.  I even don’t mind the three prequels that are universally panned.  I actually think the third prequel was a good movie but I think it gets lumped in with the two movies that preceded it.
So I watched the movie alone.  I got a knot in my stomach as the opening music hit.  I don’t think anything can make you feel 7 again but it was fun to get lost in this world.  Star Wars definitely still has a hold on me.  There were things that literally made my jaw drop.  At times I had tears running down my eyes. Maybe Star Wars did transport me to that time again. 
I see parents bringing their kids to these movies to pass on the love to the next generation.  I am envious.  The same way I am envious of those parents who can transfer their love of sports to their children.  We had a luxury box at least week’s Devils vs Islanders game.  My daughter can tell you that the macaroni and cheese was very good.  She didn’t watch much of the game.  She thinks it is boring. Sigh.
My daughter shares little of my interests.  She shares my wife’s interest of Harry Potter & theater.  I hope my daughter can pass on her love of those things to her kids.  As for me, thanks to Disney, I can look forward to feeling like a little kid again every couple of years.  The older I get, the more valuable that is.  And for the record, if asked, a Jedi knight would totally kick the butt of any wizard that emerged from the halls of Hogwarts but the importance of the escape both provide is unsurpassed in little kids and big kids alike.

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