The University of Washington students wanted to throw a protest party, but Oopsie, they forgot to invite the guest of honor.
Students across the country have been holding anti-Israel protests regarding their attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, and their mode of protest has been in the form of tent encampments on campus. The problem with the University of Washington’s planned (and then postponed) is that no one bothered to ask the student organizations for Israel, Muslims or Palestine for their thoughts, or even if they want to join.
What kind of education are these kids getting if they don’t even know how to protest right? Every ex-hippie is groaning at these headlines, wondering where it all went wrong. I mean, “In my day, we used to have sit- ins, disrupting the halls of the establishment, going on hunger strikes if we had to. But these whippersnapers, in their tents outside, ordering Doordash and snacking on legal edibles…what do they know about tear gas?”  OK, we may have gone a bit off the rails here…
The real issue is that it points to a problem in modern movements to protest objectionable political actions – the people who are most affected by a political question are not invited to the table, except as an afterthought.  Middle-aged white men sit in conference rooms determining the laws determining women’s bodies. White people sometimes wage war amongst themselves about whether it is right to have teams named after Native Americans without asking the actual Native people for their opinion. Now we have Middle-Eastern student organizations left out of the planning of protest actions regarding, oh yeah, the Middle-East. Where do I sign up for the exclusive and restricted White Women for Black Lives Matter Tea party?
These college students, as well as adults involved in movements, really have to be cognizant of who is the group being affected by the issue. They must not have the chutzpah to speak for them, without inviting them to speak for themselves.

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