September 1, 2012
Still suspicious but with no concrete proof, Davin attempts to get Yuliana on the radio for an interview.

The email that was sent:

Hi Julie, Me & my crew scam the scammers.  We do an internet radio show and shed light on these people.  Of course several have tried to scam us with your pictures.  We believe ABC’s 20/20 is aware of our work.  We would like to speak with you and help you get the message out that you are not involved with the scams. Please email me back we can speak further. Sincerely, Davin

Yuliana’s Response:


Davin writes back:

Thank you for responding.  I emailed you a few months ago through your site that the scammers were not only using pictures of you but of your son and other people’s children.  I found that most disturbing and hateful.  Were you aware of that?

Yuliana writes back:

Yes, they have been doing that since 2004… I went on 20/20 to talk about it

Davin writes back:

I know you did.  My show had questions about that interview and a day after my show aired 20/20 pulled it for “undisclosed” reasons.  Our show in which we discussed it aired over a year after your interview.  We called ABC and they gave us the run-around for over an hour.  Do you know why they pulled your episode?

Yuliana writes back:

I was on 20/20 for about 7 mins in the air… I have their e-mails if you like

Davin writes back:

I saw the video.  I had my team look at the video.  We discussed your video.  Twenty fours later the whole episode was taken off the internet…everywhere.  We want to know why?  You should be upset because it is you trying to clear your name and now there is no record of it. If you sent me the emails would you be comfortable with me reading them on the air?  If you are not I would not read them on the air.

Yuliana writes back:

Here it is I am on the 2 part

The Video Has Since Been Removed

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