Susanna Gibson is running as a Democrat for the Delegate for Virginia’s 57th District. She is also a performer on webcams where you can give her money to perform sex acts on her husband. The Democratic party has not called for her to end her campaign but she is down in the polls since this news broke. Some have called her a distraction as they fight to ward off stricter abortion laws.

Can a porn star win an election in this country? Absolutely. If there is anything we have learned over the past eight years morals and outrage are saved for the other party…whoever the other party is. If it is my team, whichever my team is, we will hold our nose, twist, spin or otherwise contort ourselves to justify voting for someone in the past we might have castigated.

We have tolerated bigots, liars, sexists, racists, homosexuals, homophobes, spouses of porn stars and more. So why is a woman who takes money to perform sex acts on camera while also trying to be a politician a topic of conversation at this point? Probably because she is a woman. There is probably some slut shaming going on. Would it be more scandalous if she performed sex acts on another person? Possibly. On a woman? Possibly? Still when it is convenient many in our society clutch their pearls and try and prevent themselves from fainting at the mere mention of something that is not quite in the norm.

Would I prefer if we did not have a porn star running for office? Probably. Though if I heard her speak perhaps, I would deem her very intelligent and maybe she would win me over. Would I disqualify someone because they were a porn star? No.

Let’s look at it this way, if we are a free society then she is expressing her freedom. She is also clearly a capitalist. Admit it, the potential is there for her fundraisers to be a lot more fun than a stuffy campaign dinner. Politicians are use to getting on their knees in order to raise money. At least this time the politician would be a pro. Many politicians get in bed with lobbyists anyway. At least when this politician is in bed you can see who she is in bed with and you can pay for what you want instead of a lobbyist paying for what he wants. Potentially Susanna Gibson may be the most transparent and up front politician we have ever seen. Most of us feel the government is screwing us anyway, at least with this politician you can type in a chat room how you would like the screwing to happen.

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