The poetry of Dick Eldorado by Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

Half the fun of interacting with Mavis my scammer is that I keep baiting her that I will be into a lot of money soon.
I then can have the best time dragging them-Her whatever along through the biggest collection of nonsense and shenanigans and they buy right in because they feel a big payoff is in the cards.

To give you an overview of what I mean, Mavis to eventually Scam me, has to go along with the fact that I am Dick Eldorado a car salesman from Maryland, My Wife just died, and I am waiting for my inheritance, and my only friend in the world is a cat named Mr.Whiskers. Oh and by the way I WRITE POETRY TOO.

Yep old Dick is in a poetry writing group and in every correspondence Mavis gets a poem

You could Guzzle Chocolate milk and eat Taco Bell with a stomach flu and not come up with this amount of shit.

I will now favor you with a sampling

This one I wrote when she Screwed up and told me she was Rita instead of Mavis(must of been a busy day at the scammer place) any way I started to call her Senior Rita (yeah I know PU) But Mavis asked me not to call her that so I decided to diffuse the situation with a little poem.

“Mavis or Rita”

“”What is love Mavis or Rita I care for both,, yes indeeda, my heart beats for both she’s the one I needa,, for they are one and the same I can’t wait to met her””.

How about this next one? What better way to start of the day to my sweet Mavis.

“Good morning”

Good morning from my new love, good morning for my new life from up above, I gave praise to thee for joining Mavis and me to fly like the Doves.
We will fly,fly fly away and Nothing will stand in our way, nor
distance, nor time, or things monetary,
She came in to my life from a far, like a customer looking for a new car I go over if they want a sedan, SUV or a compact? but walked into my life is LOVE and that’s a fact, like automatic, cruise, and air, our love will continue beyond compare.
Roses are red, violets are blue but I think I am falling in love and that’s true.

This next one is a special send off to a special summer filed with romance and love.

The Daffodils of August”
I walk in a field of gold and blue, my heart is cold and I don’t know what to do, what I see a head in the way
Daffodils, Daffodils ,coming may way. I pick one up and hold it in my hand ,and look at it softly and make my life’s plan. Oh Daffodil, Daffodil if only you could talk, but I know you can’t and I’m engulfed in your thought. oh August you are month number eight as I move past you and move on through the gate. Will you be my Daffodil??

Now A little Dice from Dick

“I am overhear now”
I am over here now, and you are over there now,but then there will be a way now, that you are over there now but you’ll be over here now.

In this one Dick sold a lot of cars during the big laborday madness sale and wanted to commemorate it

Buick, Buick”
Buick, Buick you sit on my floor, Buick Buick we want to get you out the door, with a great deal, we will get you behind the wheel, because that’s what deals are for.

Nobody keeps a good Dick down.

“A new Dick Rising”
A new dick Rising from the ashes of earth, A new Dick rising a time for rebirth new dick Rising for all to see, A new Dick Rising for maybe Mavis and me.

This next one resulted after Dick has been assaulted by a Mobster, thrown in a ditch, and may have his Arm Amputated ( riveting stuff huh?) Dick has now found Jesus as his savior and Mavis as his guiding light and pain killers to take off the edge so let’s have a prayer and a poem.

Mavis you saved me I thought of the life we could have together and I turned around and then I prayed to Jesus.
Let me share my prayer:
I said: Jesus It’s Dick-Dick Eldorado I almost jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge like Billy Joe Macallister, please show me the way, please stop Mr.Cazzatta from breaking my legs, and Mr Bix from firing me and let Mavis be my guiding light.

“Mavis my guiding light”
My guiding light, my guiding light, direct me and make it right, make it right make it right Like JJ said it will be Dynamite.

I have to go as the pain killers are making me hallucinate and I keep imagining things.
I looked out my window before and I swear I saw an eight foot Ostrich on my lawn.
I am seeing beautiful colors and such on these pain killers in the past days and I had to write about it.
My rainbow lawn.
My rainbow lawn green and blue where Ostriches run but are they true. I don’t know but if they do I want the rainbow to run straight to you.

Well there you have it boys and girls and stick around and listen to our show as the saga and poetry will continue.

Dick Eldorado,, um I mean Joe Currie

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