THE POWER OF SNOWFLAKES – by Davin Rosenblatt

I woke up this morning and I looked out my window and I thought there was a protest. I saw thousands and thousands of  snowflakes.  There were snowflakes on the street. Snowflakes on my car. Snowflakes at my front door.  Snowflakes marching from the sky.  Nothing was moving except the relentless march down of snowflake after snowflake.
The funny thing is it is common parlance to make one sound weak by calling them a snowflake.  Yet as I turn on the news snowflakes have cancelled schools. They have shuttered businesses.  Roads are closed.  Planes grounded.  Snowflakes did all that.  They stopped it all without a whisper of violence.
Snowflakes bring joy to the youngest among us.  They make us harken back to our own personal good old days. Snowflakes are pure and uncorrupted until they are soiled by man, beast, or machine.  Still after snowflakes are soiled they still are snowflakes just with a bit more color and experience. 
Snowflakes make men realize it is time to get to work. Snowflakes will only yield with much effort and force.  Snowflakes can make lesser men yield under the pressure they exert because snowflakes work together.  Snowflakes provide payed work.  Snowflakes spur our economy. Snowflakes like to get blown.  
Snowflakes make you feel alive when you stick your body into a group of them.   Snowflakes provide a  rush as you swoosh down them on skis or tubes or sleds.  Snowflakes are heavenly as they come from the sky above and move to the arms and legs of children so that before they return to the heavens they too get to be an angel.
Others try to use the name snowflake to demean. Call me a snowflake for I see the beauty, the utility, and the society that snowflakes influence.  I know that some fear the hidden power of the snowflake and will try to silence the snowflake under the bristling pitch of hot air.  Sometimes a snowflake will melt and change form and bide its time but rest assured the snowflake will come back.  So yes I am a snowflake and there are other snowflakes. More than you can imagine. We are beautiful and unique and we have more impact that you ever gave us credit for.

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