For those of you who have not heard of this ludicrous and malignant twist on Christianity, the Prosperity Gospel is the teaching that if you give “seed” money to the people preaching this nonsense, that your money will grow and come back to you in larger amounts.  I know.  You are reading this with your mouth open, saying to yourself that no one would fall for that pile of hooey.  Yeah, well they do.  Plenty of desperate people who fall prey to these “spiritual leaders” have sent them their hard earned money in the hopes that their faith would be rewarded with a windfall of cash.

What would Jesus say to these charlatans today? Even if you are only somewhat aware of the teachings of Christ, you would have heard of his famous blasting of the money changers in the temple, who were doing business in a house of worship.  If He came back now, he would be flipping tables like he was trying for a spot on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. He would be sputtering mad, and rightly so.  How dare these malignant so-called spiritual leaders pretend that they have any intention of doing anything to help these people turn their seed money into anything other than luxury cars and homes for themselves?  Our show is all about educating people about scammers, and this is nothing more than a scam wrapped up in the cloak of religion.

What is more outrageous than this going on in normal times is the fact that the President’s spiritual advisor (HA!) Paula White is using the Pandemic as an opportunity to really lay it on thick, and call for donations to a “spiritual hospital”. WTF? During a time when medical supplies are short, people are literally dying from lack of tests available, and medical personal and all front line workers are at risk of becoming ill, this snake-oil saleswoman is pretending to be asking for money to help the spiritually ill.  It literally makes me ill to see someone so morally corrupt taking advantage of anxious people in a time of crisis.  If there is a Hell, there should be an especially hot and smelly section for opportunists like this soulless bitch.

Of course, it is just so obvious that the spiritual advisor of one of the most morally devoid people on the planet would be one of the purveyors of this heaping pile of putrid filth of a doctrine.  Birds of a feather, you know.  But taking a deep dive into the sucking maw of corruption at the heart of our country’s leader is a whole other topic.  For now, let it be known that anyone telling you that sending them $91 dollars in seed money will help you tune into Psalm 91 and keep you from illness may just as well being selling you Mercury Cough Syrup.  If your money is burning a hole in your pocket, give to a well-researched legitimate charity.  Don’t send it to this liar – she’s just going to take your money and go to the spa to get her giant asshole bleached.

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