As I stated from the beginning from the time my old house went up for sale until the closing of my new house, everything was a hurdle. The good news is that I got over all of them. I am now at the last one which is moving into my new home.

Moving into my new place was a very exciting moment for me. I was a homeowner for twenty four years prior but the difference is that it was the house I inherited from my Mom. I was grateful to have it and I did renovate it back then to my taste, but it was a home that I grew up in, I did not select it, and the home style was not one that was my taste.

My new home is in the post modern style I love, and is in the development I have wanted to move into for over twenty years.
I had my shipping pod delivered the day after I closed and with Joe’s girl’s help( and I mean help the pod door was jammed and would not budge) we got the first thing out which I made sure was the last thing in and that was the comfy bed that I had slept in back at the old house. What gave me comfort and a good night’s rest in the old house will do the same in the new one. I put the comfy bed in the guest room and not the master bed room as it was a single and I was getting a new bedroom set, plus the master bed room was PAINTED FUCKING PINK. I am not a Kardashian or a gay hairdresser named Chad. So I am not sleeping in there until it got manned up which it did with a really cool looking bedroom set and a manly paint scheme all courtesy of Joe’s Girl.

I had the comfy bed set up, but that was all the furniture I had set up.
The third night I bought my kitchen furniture at IKEA, IKEA is an interesting store but there is no escape, you continue through it trying to find the exit while you stop every ten feet and go “oh I could use this” . I bring my kitchen furniture home and I was going to assemble it then eat dinner on it not realizing it has more parts than the space shuttle. After three hours and half a chair leg I said the hell with it.
I wound up eating my dinner on my kitchen counter using the stool that I play keyboards on as a chair which was grossly shorter than the counter. The next morning I made sure I built the kitchen set before lunch.  

The next part was the unloading of the storage pod. It is amazing when you load it, you put things in saying “I can’t leave this behind” and then you take them out saying “what the fuck was I thinking”.
I did a great packing job, but unpacking got kind of scary, I had something that I had stacked and the only way it would come down is me backing away from it as fast as I can and letting it fall before it kills me . As I am ready to let it go, Joe’s girl asks if there is anything she could do? I said yes please invite anyone who ever told me to go fuck myself to come over and watch because their dreams have come true.
It came down with a thud but okay

It’s going to be tough to goof on my neighbors living here because they are very nice, the person next door made me dinner and they all welcomed me and they are perfect, nice and keep to themselves.

It’s over, the race to the end has concluded and thanks to the help and support of my friends especially Antony Cumia and especialy Joe’s girl who I never would gotten through any of this without her, also the love and support and the inspiration of people who went through the same thing and made their lives better thank you again. I also have a renewed faith in religion as I really do feel it played a big factor in everything I went through and the signs I saw from it as well.
When my wife and I got separated and put the house up for sale people asked me how do I feel about what’s going on, and my answer to them is I will find out when I finally settle in to my new place where and whenever that will be.  

That where and whenever was a beautiful August night a month and a half after I settled in to my new place, I was alone and I just put some burgers on the grill, grabbed a beer, sat on the couch and then it happened. It all hit me, where am I?? Where was Joanne?? I called out her name, why is she not answering me??? What just happened here?
When I composed myself the conclusion is that I was in a nineteen year marriage that I tried to make work but was dysfunctional. I was in house I could not afford with someone who took it for granted. I discovered all of this and felt trapped and that to take the steps to change things would be monumental if not impossible.I took those steps made it work against some big odds, but with the help of an incredible girl friend, friends, and the man upstairs made it work.

The race is over, but my new life has just begun.     

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