THE RACE TO THE END PT 1 – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

This past April to June was the most stressful part of my life since the passing of my Mom twenty four years prior. I was ending a twenty three year relationship, I was leaving a home I lived in since I was three, I had to get packed and ready to move with no help, I lost an     in law, I had an estranged Wife who was just sitting watching TV and then coming home at all hours of the night instead of packing, she also was refusing to pay the expenses of living there as she thought our settlement was unfair. I was also running out of money and was a month away from being bankrupt, I had found the place where I wanted to live and had to make an offer, have it accepted, and get the mortgage to get it.   
So here we go, after almost a year on the market and a bunch of false starts I finally sold my house to a very nice couple in April. Finally the end was coming into this whole life change ordeal. We went into contract and were scheduled to close on June 15th which was ironically the anniversary of my father’s death. There was so much to do now, make moving arrangements, pack the house. I have always helped people move but I never moved myself before. I lived in the house since I was a toddler and my parents were kind enough to handle the arrangements back then.
I decided to get a POD, which is essentially a shipping container that is dropped off at your house you load it with your stuff and then they store it or bring it to your new place, the thing was great and I gave myself a month head start. I also got a dumpster to put next to the POD so there was stuff going and stuff not going.
It is amazing when you go through things you have collected through the years that mean a lot until you have to move it.One of the fun things I threw in the dumpster was the big framed wedding picture of my wife and I. Obviously it’s not something I want to take, but she did not know I threw the thing out and when she found out she charged me thirty five bucks because her mother bought the frame. I paid it because the look on her face when she saw nothing on the wall was priceless.
Don’t get me wrong I do not wish any wrong against my soon to be ex which in my tweets has been known as the Co-owner, she has just made a difficult process more difficult during this whole ordeal and I also feel so sad for her, she has in the past five years lost her Father, Mother, and in April lost her sister to cancer. On the day of the funeral there was a brief viewing before the church service and I knelt in front of the casket and I cried like a baby, My sister in law and I were cut too much from the same cloth and sometimes we had our issues but I did get to hug and hold her several months before she passed and we cried and I did tell her that I did always loved her which I did.
I watched my wife at her Sisters casket, they were very close and I could not hold back the tears as I watched her say goodbye to her. The plan was that after her and I went our separate ways they were most likely going to live together and now it was not to be. I did not want this for my Wife and her sister it was awful and I felt so bad.  
 On the way to the church I passed my wife’s old family home where there a were a lot of great memories as my wife’s family made me their own but now they are all gone, and as I passed the home it was saying good bye for the last time to this place that was like a second home to me. On the side of the house was an air conditioning unit that I stared at for five minutes, a simple air conditioning unit but one that my Sister in law and I would cover every fall. It was a tradition, every year and we would laugh and argue on how it was to be covered. A simple cherished moment, and now a memory.
All during the funeral service I kept a watchful eye on my wife during the service to make sure she was okay but as we are separated I did respectfully keep my distance. After the service at the cemetery they were then to place my sister in law’s casket into the wall at the mausoleum. As I waited with my Wife and we discussed us moving on and that we tried and things did not work out. My Sister in laws casket was then ready to place into the mausoleum. In attendance was myself, my wife, her other Sister and her husband. After the casket was placed into the wall the sister and her husband left and it was just my wife and I there.
My wife wanted to sit there for a while and when her father passed away I was there to sit with her, I still had guilt because I felt I should have been there more for her when her mother died as the cracks were already were showing in our marriage. I wanted to stay and make sure she was okay like I had for twenty four years but I had to go. The home inspector, my real-estate agent, and Joe’s girl were all waiting for me at my new potential place and I had to go, I felt awful that I had to leave her there. When I got home later she asked what it felt like to have nobody anymore and we both cried, a day later she told me she was not paying me another dime to stay in the house, so there you go.  About the new house?? That’s part 2

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