THE REBUTTAL “TRUMP THIS” – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

Last week’s blog was by Davin saying why Trump was a feel good and not the right man for the job.

I feel he is and I will make my points in a show favorite “Damn it all red”


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On this week’s Davin’s Den I pressed Joe on why he had this unwavering support for Donald Trump when he clearly has many weaknesses as a candidate but is extremely prolific in vague promises and bluster.  Joe said Trump makes him feel good.  Has it come down to that in our society? Yes it has, we have been conditioned in the Obama years to feel apologetic about America, to feel bad if you are against illegal immigration, or a speaking out against Obama care which will be a boondoggle, or white middle class America who are given the feeling that black lives matter while theirs don’t and if they speak up against it they are deemed racist.Also America being  on the defensive end instead of the offensive in foreign affairs and trade negotiation. I admit, the man puts on quite a show and it is in stark contrast to the joyless and painful campaigns that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are droning endlessly on with.  And Donald is tapping into something that both President Obama and the Tea Party tapped into which was a thirst for something different from business as usual.  I understand that and long for that as well but there needs to be some substance and accountability behind it.

Joe and I agree that when it comes to children, participation trophies are lame and really in the long run do our children and our nation little good.  In the short term it makes the children feel good.  Just like Mr. Trump.  It feels wonderful to hear he is going to make our nation great again.  (If you buy into the notion that our nation is no longer great but there was a time that we can harken back to where we had no problems and we were great).  It is not a notion I buy into.  I still think our nation is great in many ways but like throughout our history there are certainly areas where we can improve.  But if you buy into the myth it is wonderful to hear I am going to fix healthcare and replace it with something “terrific.”  I am the “best” at jobs.  I am going to make Mexico pay for a wall.  I have a plan to defeat ISISbut I will not tell you now.  I know how to negotiate and Putin will fear me.  And on and on and on.  A lot of bluster that is great to hear.  I also believe that a fairy godmother will be showing up around midnight to turn the pumpkin into a carriage and take me to the ball.  I also found these magic beans that will lead to the golden goose.  I believe these things because to do so makes me feel good.  Unfortunately we do not live in simple times.  We can’t just will it to be so.  It is no longer who has the biggest military (we still do by a lot!)  Please note that the since the middle of Bush’s second term up until today America does not feel great again. To be frank we never had final closure for September 11th .We are dealing with a despicable enemy in the theaters of operations that we have left, and we have economy that is growing but anemic, and Russia which Obama said was an eighties problem is now one of our main concerns. Trump is an idea man and great men take Ideas that seem impossible and make them work. Make Mexico pay for a wall. !!Yes!!. They need us and would not have an economy without us it’s called the cost of doing business and if Mexico wants to keep the immense amount of trade they do with us flowing they pay for a wall. As for Isis Trump does have a plan of strangling their streams of income I say that you can defeat ISIS by taking their wealth,” Trump told the Fox News Channel star. “Take back the oil. Once you go over and take back that oil, they have nothing. You bomb the hell out of them He continued: “I would hit them so hard. I would find you a proper general, I would find the Patton or MacArthur. I would hit them so hard your head would spin.” Now you can say that’s farfetched? Really is it? It was radical thinking like this that helped us win World War Two and it is out of the box thinking that no other candidate has offered, and Maybe we will have a commander and chief that will un shackle his generals and maybe at least salute them now when he walks by.

As for Putin the one man that isn’t afraid of him and knows how to counter him and negotiate from a point of strength is Trump. The last man who had the guts to take on Russia and win was Reagan with Gorbachev.


We are part of a global economy and now we compete with nations directly.  Trump has said as much.  However, we just can’t make the world bend to what we would like.  If they don’t comply are we going to bomb them  Are we going to be a nation perpetually at war?  Does that make you feel good?  Of course not.  To get what we want we need nuance. Yes nuance but a position of strength which is what won the cold war. Every situation is different and we can’t make every country bend the way we want. And of course we can’t bomb everyone at will. But in the past seven years America has come off like a weak presence in the world due to Obama and his policies. But who better to deal with a global economy than a man that has been successful in such dealings for decades.  


Anyway, Trump has made all of these proclamations and a significant part of the population is willing to let them stand without answers.  Healthcare is not great.  It could be better.  It is better than it was for many and worse for others.  How are you going to fix it Mr. Trump? At least Trump is addressing the issue, the people that passed Obama care never read it and frankly a majority of people don’t want it and it and most of the people on it don’t like it. As a business man trump understands how health care effects businesses and the people they employ. Single payer?  It will certainly be more streamlined in some regards but your current political affiliation does not want that.  I am all for competition between healthcare providers across state lines.  Big health care is not.  Are you going to tackle big pharma?  Are you going to allow Americans to buy medicine from other countries?  Currently we can’t.  Are you going to continue to force the healthcare companies to serve people with pre-existing conditions?  Before Obama they didn’t.  How Mr. Trump?  You can’t go it alone although at times we see president Obama has tried for better or worse. and it has been for worse as Obama forced an entitlement program down the throats of the American people that really did not want it and would fine them if they did not participate. Is this an easy fix? No but at least you would have an idea man at the helm with that knows how to bring in people with experience to address the issue and not bureaucrats that just want another over blown entitlement program just so they feel like they are doing a noble cause.    


How are you the best at jobs?  Illegals helped build Trump Towers.You may have illegals building your renovation of the old post office in DC. Yes he used illegal aliens and yes it is the tea pot calling the kettle black but as someone who deals in construction there are many contractors on these jobs who employ many people out of Trump’s scope. Realistically he can’t be on a job site checking green cards, in addition do you know how many people in politics use undocumented labor, and so on economies of scale he is no worse than the rest of them. But the deal is the American public and people who came here legally are sick and tired of the illegal alien situation, why do we need to feel guilty when they are breaking the law and getting free services. And out of the two centuries of people coming here legally why do the people who do it illegally feel they have a free pass. This is why people are rallying around Trump on this.  There are jobs Mr. Trump but we are in a period of transition as a nation.  Many people are not skilled enough to do these technology based jobs?  Will the out of work have to go further into debt to pay for this technical training?  Will the government pay for this training?  That sounds like a hand out.  Will we give tax breaks to the companies that pay for this training?  President Obama suggested as much but still no action on it.Are you going to raise tariffs on China making their goods more expensive in the USA?  Sure people won’t buy as much Chinese products but we are an economy based on consumption so our economy will stagnate or worse.  How Mr. Trump? As Davin’s knows I do agree with his statements above, however I have not heard any candidate really delve into this but in terms of growing and training a work force for the future who would you want leading this, a career politician with little business experience or a successful Business man with proven experience.  


You said you know how to defeat ISIS.  Are you going to send ground troops in?  Where are you going to station them?  Syria? Iraq?  Fighting for a people that have shown they do not want a united country?  More drone attacks?  More sorties? Please note that Obama himself does not have a plan, and this is where you unshackle your generals who been forced to fight a politically correct war, a man like Trump has the experience  to bring in the best to identify and solve a problem. That’s the way business is done President Obama already has formed a coalition. And they are failing while ISIS grows. Arab nations are targeting ISIS.  Nobody wants to send troops.  See we are not fighting a nation. We are fighting an ideology Please tell the people that have been beheaded, killed, and raped that an ideology did it, and this problem is growing and not going away. We are seeing this terrorism slowly creeping to our shores and now maybe we will have a leader that will call them terrorist and try to eradicate them instead of pacify them. This is the same situation when America turned a blind eye to the Nazi movement in the thirties. Mr. Trump.  Ideology is everywhere.  We have seen this.  It is in our midst.  It is not as easy as just pounding them into submission.  We have to change minds.  Pounding them into submission only emboldens them. And it kills them dead, you can’t reason with a savage ideology that is bent on a radical version of a religion and views torture and beheading the norm.They want us to do it.  They want to be martyrs.  They want to take as many of us with them both civilian and military as they can. And they will take less when we can fight an un politically correct war You say you get your information from the generals on tv.  That is like me saying I get my ideas on space travel from Star Wars. And the generals are free to speak their minds on TV about the situation and they are experts in the field and until the joint chiefs of staff invite Trump in that’s where the information will be coming from I still don’t know why we don’t all have x-wing fighters.and until George Lucas invites you in, you will get all the up to date from the sources you seek. They have been in existence for at least 40 years.  How are you going to defeat ISIS Mr. Trump? And like I said at least trump is offering a plan where Obama has not.


The Republicans have always prided themselves as being the adults in the room. Yet the leader in the polls has shown to be incapable of having an adult conversation. He is leading in the polls because he refuses to back down to the media and a rebublican party that wants to derail him. Instead he insults Rosie O’Donnell and whines that certain reporters are not nice to him.  I guess when they are meanie poo poos he does not feel good. Yes he did make that comment about Rosie O’Donnell and he did not back pedal on when he got called on it. Why does he currently lead by 30% because he will not kowtow or apologize to appease the liberal media and the politically correct portions of society that are destroying this country. People now feel they a have a voice without being persecuted for it. We all want to feel good.  Unfortunately Mr. Trump I am an adult in the room and empty promises do not make me feel good. What candidate has made solid ones??They make me feel like you are just like the vast majority of the empty suits who run for the office you may or may not desire.  I don’t need a politician to make me feel good.  I don’t need a politician to make me prideful in my nation.  I don’t need a politician to exaggerate the good and the bad that makes our nation what it currently is.  I need a politician that is thoughtful, forceful, nuanced, has a command of the issues we face as a nation, can work within the current political climate while still attempting to mold it into some form of functionality, and is not bought and paid for by corporations.  You have some of those qualities Mr. Trump but you do not have all of them. Trump has most of the qualities and more than any other candidate. We need a proven leader that wants to make the country feel good about it self and regain its sense of pride. It was that sense of pride that Reagan instilled after the Carter years that lead to the boom years in the eighties when we believed in ourselves again. We have had seven years of Obama, his failed policies, him making America feel that we have to be apologetic and not try to be a dominant leader in the world anymore. Trump is not a career Politician and not at the mercy of special interest groups. He is not a Clinton, or a Bush, but somebody is deeply concerned as to where this country is headed. Trump is the voice of people that are feed up of footing the bill for entitlement programs, Illegal immigration, the destruction of authority and accountability. When these people speak out they are labeled racist, insensitive, and not politically correct. This is why he is leading,, he knows this country is in trouble and he has no time for political correctness and he seems to genuinely care about this country and this is why he is getting thirty thousand people at his rally’s . He is also waking up these career politicians and having them take notice at what this country is really thinking and what they want in a candidate. I am sorry if this does not make you feel good. When and if that candidate arrives I will feel good when and if that candidate arrives. When and if, demand it now and the people behind trump are demanding it now and whether or not he becomes president you have to feel good about that, Damn good .Damn good.

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