The story of a quitter – by Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

It’s been a week since I have smoked. I have tried on many occasions but this

Time is different, why?

 The first incident was my doctor , I am a border line diabetic and my numbers were horrible which scared the hell out of me be because of the Link of smoking to diabetes.

 I don’t want to wind up on TV like the guy talking With that thing on his throat, or the lady who is losing her toes and Fingers by the second.

I talk for a living and play the keyboards and I can’t Afford to lose any of that.

 One of the other factors is the new diabetes Medication my Doctor prescribed, $300.00 a month with no generic available. I told the pharmacist no way keep it I will stay on the old medication which is twenty five dollars and try to live.

Please note even trying to get a lab slip From the Doctor for the blood work was like trying to win concert tickets, you have to call fifty Times get put on Hold it was ridiculousness.

I decided right the and there that at my age I need To take care of myself, I will not be at the mercy of the medical profession, And the pharmaceutical industry.

The second factor as I was going through my ordeal with my marriage, cigarettes were my rock, what got me through things, Made me be able to cope, whatever the situation Marlboro Blacks, and swisher Sweets were by my side and there for me.

As my Wife and I discussed and agreed to separate I still had this small glimmer that maybe we were able to have saved what we have.

To make a long story Short, I took my Wife to dinner as friends in good spirits and could not make it

Five miles in the car before we got in a major argument, I turned the car around went back home and we never went to Dinner.

This has happened so many times in the eighteen years we have been married and it was the final chapter that we could not go on as a couple anymore.

 Knowing that it’s time to move on, I will be doing this without smoking as this will be a new chapter in my life.

 Smoking Represents to me a very confused, depressed, and not in control person that I have been.

 I don’t want to be that person anymore and I feel to start smoking again will Represent a regression

To whom I was.

I also made a promise to someone not to smoke anymore and I don’t want to break that

I have also picked a good time to quit, during a bad chest cold.

 I have had it for a week and the urge to smoke is non existent and by the

Time it clears up usually in another four days the urge for nicotine should be Gone.

I know the temptation will be there especially when I will be entering one of

the most difficult periods in my life. But I feel the urge not to smoke is more

Powerful  than urge to do it.

 Wish me luck and I will keep you all posted

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