The Wakeup Call – Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

This past July I had a wakeup call. For years I was told by my Doctor that I was a borderline diabetic and I finally crossed the border.
I was told by my Doctor for years that this could happen but I never felt the symptoms and what did he know, he had a Doctorate and I had a set of balls.
Well this time I was feeling the symptoms, tingling in feet, extreme thirst and a blood sugar level that looked like the deficit clock.
My Doctor told me if I did not get my levels down he would put me on insulin and that scared the hell out of me.
He immediately sent me to a nutritionist who was this nice young lady that had just started at the practice, as she was new she started to ask me prepared questions she had on a four by five card.
Why did you come here? So I can live. Why do you want to fight Diabetes? So my toes don’t fall off like piano keys.
She then told me what I can and cannot eat which is simple, anything I have and enjoyed and love I can no longer have and anything I can’t stand bon appetite.
She then told me that I should get a blood glucose meter to test my blood sugar level. I told her thanks but no thanks I don’t like needles and I am not using this thing. She then walked me through the steps to use one and I discovered after all the steps and then pricking myself and getting the blood on the strip it would of looked like Nicole Brown Simpsons front porch.
The take away from this is have been taking a lot better care of myself and my Doctor has seen that I have gotten my levels down because I personally feel that since Type 2 diabetes is one of the top diseases facing us today there is a cottage industry ready to make a killing off of us not trying to die. Glucose test strips, Metformin, Onglyza, insulin Billions of dollars that the drug companies are making off of us, and as I start down this road I feel like a cog in the wheel of their profit center.
My goal this year is to lose twenty pounds to twenty five pounds and cut out many of the foods that the nutritionist has told me to do as well. I also am going to blow the dust off of my gym key tag and get back there.
I feel that the drug and insurance companies know that most people don’t have the discipline to eat the right foods and diet so they see all of us that suffer from this disease as the golden goose well that is not me. I quit smoking just about a year ago and I did lose about fifteen pounds on the Fat horse Challenge two years ago and I have never backed down from a fight and don’t intend to do so now.
So if you are the many people that are type two diabetics join me in the fight against the disease and the drug companies that want to milk us for life and let’s not let the bastards win.

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