The Weight and The Wait is over – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

THE WEIGHT IS OVER” .In 2002 Al Rosenblum asked Camille Halpin and I to help him write a sitcom about weight loss. We would get together at Al’s house every Thursday and write. When Al was sick with Kidney disease we would write at the dialysis center. We were going to make this a reality show but the Biggest Loser had beaten us to the punch .We decided to make this a musical play, during this process Al passed away. As a tribute to Al we kept going and we wrote the script and lyrics and I composed the music. When we finished we believed in this but needed a visionary>
 I then in my heart feel That Al must of spoke to the powers that be and sent Margaret Champagne our way, an accomplished actress, Comic and Writer Producer she came on board as our producer and partner. 
I can speak for Camille and I when I say we feel blessed that Maggie has joined us, she has worked on some major projects including the Amy Schumer show and believed so much in what we were doing that she joined us. Go to the Face Book Weight of the World page and check out our teaser reel we are now submitting for production.
Our teaser is a labor of fourteen years of love and then watching an Idea and the Characters you created come to life. I would like to think Cammy Maggie, all the actors who believed and gave up their time, and Mike our film tech for his great work. Please pass the word, the wait is over and the Weight of The World is here Enjoy.
The Wait is over, a major life change will now be occurring , the only place I have ever called home for fifty years will be going up for sale on June 18th.
As I sat in my garage two years ago I realized my marriage was over, and I would have to sell the house as I could not stay. The anxiety  I felt was overwhelming because I  felt trapped  knowing that ending my marriage and preparing the house for sale  would be both be major under takings and I was afraid to face both issues as they would be taking place the same time.  
That day two years ago in my garage I knew I had to make the change in my life and move on but I had to take the major step with my wife realizing things were over. We sat down hugged and cried and set a date to meet with a mediator. 
In May of last year we met with a very nice man who was very sympathetic to the both of us and worked out an agreement. At the last minute my wife did not like the agreement and instead of going back to the table she just walked away.
The rest of the year last year was me trying to get her back to a mediator and not a lawyer which would of cost us both thousands.
That period from May to December of last year I was supposed to prep my house for sale but I was so disillusioned from the whole mediator situation. BUT I DID NOT GIVE UP.
This was important in the story about my house, The Weight of the World project and life. Sometimes you need to regroup but never lose focus.
After finally convincing my Wife that a Mediator not a Lawyer was the best way of settling our differences she found one in the beginning of his year and we met with him in January.
We signed the agreement and where officially separated on February 2nd, Ground Hogs day “funny”.
The agreement we signed stated that the house had to be up for sale in June which with my comedy band and radio schedule and my Wife’s lack of help would be a major undertaking.
I started to get things rolling, taking all my days that I use to go on the road to get the house ready.
It has been very stressful, very time consuming and just me doing most or all of the work because as I said I have been getting little or no help from my estrange wife who claims that she is half owner of the house.  
The up side of this is things are getting done and the first open house will be on June 18th.
I will have more on this as things progress but the point of these two stories is that no matter the cards your dealt in your life take a break, regroup, and refocus BUT NEVER GIVE UP. Because if you believe you will get there.
Okay back to painting.

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