These SOB’s are going to roll me!

So as many of you know I poke a stick in the eye of a very specific type of criminal element.  I torment the romance scammers from Africa who steal thousands of dollars from lonely folks looking for love.  One day I will write the book I have in me and give my secrets away.  Of course, if you regularly listen to my podcast Davin’s Den, then you know a lot about my exploits already.  I consider these people the lowest of the low.  I take great pride in giving them the run around for months and making their lives crazy as they desperately try to separate me from my money.

These people are not very bright but I guess if you believe their nonsense you can fall prey to them.  I guess.  Well I have been dancing with Agnes for a few months now.  And like the thieving dolt she is, she has fallen right into my trap.  Along the way I have gotten her to believe I know voo doo and write pornography…all in the quest for sweet US dollars.

Well it is time for me to travel to Ghana to meet my sweet love.  After all, I have to deliver presents to her and her son.  At first it did not appear she was very anxious for me to arrive next week.  Then all of the sudden she changed her tune.  She told me about this great opportunity for American’s to come to Ghana and purchase gold on the cheap.  She was very excited about this opportunity for me.  She strongly encouraged that I bring extra money to buy the gold.  And then came the love platitudes.  After weeks of fighting (at times it was like a real relationship) my beautiful Agnes finally revealed how much she loved me indeed.  Finally she could reveal how much she really loved me. P U! 

In reality, these African jackasses finally decided they had enough if my shenanigans and they were going to rob me and who knows what else when I got there.  It is not unheard of these people to do that.  They are criminals.  The thing is I read the commentary from her on the air and that is when I realized what was going on.  It shook me at first but I am not surprised.  Pip Helix, one of my co-hosts for the show, is still shaken by this almost a week later.  She can’t believe they would do this.

These people are dangerous assholes.  They will stop at nothing to get money.  They survive on ruining lives.  Our government can’t stop it and their government won’t stop it.  I can’t stop it.  But I can drive them insane and distract them for awhile.

If you want to date me online it is going to be labor intensive.  You think I am a pain in the ass in real life well you should see what I am in fantasy world.

Funny thing is I haven’t heard from Agnes since Tuesday.  My plane is set to land on Monday.  I kind of wonder if they got cold feet.  I know they are not onto me.  Trust me on that.  She (them) are being played so badly right now.  See criminals always think they are doing the playing and they never realize that they too can be played.

That being said, their is an element of danger to this.  I do have to be careful.  I do enjoy tormenting them.  I have never told any of them that they are being played.  Kind of afraid of what would happen to my facebook account if I did.

So yeah, I scam the scammers but you SOB’s are not going to be rolling this Christian comic/porn writer this week in Ghana.  I’m bringing body guards with me so how do you like me now????

(And for you the reader, well leave your email address in the comments section and I’ll bring you back some of that sweet Ghana gold).

Tune in on Tuesday.  

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