This Blog is Almost Late – Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

It is my turn to write the blog this week and I almost told Davin I could not get to it because I don’t have the time to write it and it is going to be short as well. Am I copping an attitude? No far from it, this is a testament to doing everything you can to better your life and pick yourself up from the ashes.

Please refer to my blog at the beginning of the year, I had no band, my play was dead in the water, Davin and I were really not getting along, and I had a whole host of issues going on in my life that I was trying to fix.

Why don’t I have time to write this ? My band Race Odyssey is back together again when we thought it would be at two years before we would play a note. My Play is far from dead and my partner Cammy and I are working like mad to get it produced.

Davin and I had a major fight, I quit the show but came back a month later and our working relationship and friendship are better than ever. The fight we had was a blessing in disguise as we picked up I Heart radio and other benchmarks and we are focused and on the same page. The workload now is incredible with little free time but along with Pip we are going to push the show to a new heights.

Holy smokes I have to go,,, but a couple of more things. I have a friend that moved across the country to follow her dreams and change her life and I was using her as an inspiration to follow my own dreams

 She did not disappoint, she has made big strides in her career as well as her life and I could not be more happy for her and proud of her.  

I also was not happy to be a fat horse and started the fat Horse Challenge and win loose or draw I have lost over twenty pounds and feel great. 

With all the goals there is still one life-changing hurdle I have to jump. A hurdle that I have guilt and regrets over and whether I jump it remains to be seen you just have to believe in faith and a higher power.

Alright I am out of time, believe in yourself, work at what you love and have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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